9 Types of Social Media Influencers

Marketing has gone beyond the traditional marketing channels like print and television, and now it has found the latest platform where a population of consumers thrive--the social media. Because of social media, brands found a quicker way to reach out to people anytime and anywhere. 

Since sharing and communicating over social media seem almost boundless, there has also been the rise of social media influencers. 

Usually, these are the people or organizations who are followed by many. The number of likes, shares, comments, and subscribers they receive are significantly higher than that of average users--hence their “influence”. Marketers saw an opportunity in these influencers to extend the presence of their brands to a larger scale of audience

To further understand what social media influencers are, here’s an infographic from M2Social that discusses facts that you need to know about them  and how they can help you with social media marketing.

9 Types of Social Media Influencers

9 Types of Social Media Influencers

Every marketer who takes note of the rapid changes in technology and behavior of their target consumers knows how these social media influencers can help their marketing strategy. The prevalence of social media influencers has paved a way for marketers to reach out for people that traditional media cannot.

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