Social Media Marketing for Fan Engagement

Social Media Marketing for Fan Engagement

Consumers speak to brands as if they were people; brands need to communicate in the same way to earn their trust. Being aloof and not engaging their remarks or concerns only drive them away. By doing the opposite and creating a dialogue with fans, you can keep their attention and increase your chances of making a sale.

After building a wide fan base, the next step is fan engagement and sales conversions. If you’re not certain of what to say, M2Social, a social media agency in the Philippines, can provide you with expertise and support.


Social Media Management

Social Media Management Solutions

Social Media Strategy

Our digital marketing company establishes your brand’s personality and your target buyer persona to help you design an effective communication strategy.

Content Strategy and Development

Our content writers craft catchy posts designed to meet your objectives, whether to change people’s perceptions or raise brand awareness. We regularly submit content calendars recommending posts that will support your fan engagement strategy.

Community Management

As a social media firm in the Philippines, our community managers monitor your accounts in real time to help people get to know your brand and answer their questions according to your communication strategy.

Facebook Ads

Our social media agency helps you convert your target buyer demographics and ensure that your most convincing content gets seen, which is critical to transforming fans into regular customers.


Social media platforms generate vast amounts of data. M2Social helps you sift through the information, enabling you to find actionable insights and reasonable next steps based on the results of current strategies to help you create more sales conversions.

Facebook Apps

Apps are effective at engagement because of their ease of use. We offer CRM + 1 basic app of the following and similar types: personality quiz, data form, coupon, liking contest app, and photo contest app.

Thinkstock Subscription

 With a one-month Thinkstock subscription, you can build an image library that will represent your brand visually.

Our Commitment

  • 2,500 New Fans every month
  • Monthly Editorial Calendar which includes daily posts and suggested visuals, submitted every 15th of the month before implementation so you can see and approve what will come out on your page
  • Strategy Pillars to guide your brand’s plans.
  • Analytics which includes demographics and interests of your fan base to serve as a guide in forming insights, recommendations, and moving forward campaigns.
  • A Dedicated Servicing Team composed of an account manager, a community manager, and a visual artist.


Your social media page can do more than what you imagined it could do.

Our Digital Marketing company believes that social media can be a tool for brands to inspire people and direct their passion.


To have a chance at reaching out to the 44.2 million active internet users in the Philippines, your brand needs an easily discoverable website to serve as your hub in the Internet. 


  Blogs are the third most influential digital resource when making purchases behind retail and brand sites.

Social Media Marketing for Fan Acquisition

If you’re brand new to social media or don’t know what to do with your account, M2Social can help you acquire fans and ensure that they will see your message.