Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Finding the right words, images, and videos for your brand's social media pages is not easy. A thoughtfully planned structure guiding what, when, and where to post is essential when it comes to effective social media management.

The Philippines continues to see an ever-increasing number of active social media users, jumping 18% between 2014 and 2015.These users spend an average of 4 hours on their accounts each day, skimming through tons of posts and tweets. It will take a special kind of content to catch their attention – something that M2.0 can deliver.

How We Can Help

Full Corporate AVP

Corporate events are increasingly using video to spread their message because of its efficiency and ease of dissemination. It’s the perfect method for rallying the troops, celebrating milestones, and honoring hard workers.

Parallax Videos

Short, sweet, and cost-efficient, parallax videos provide an eye-catching, moving image that draws the viewers’ eyes to your message.

Online Videos

Bite-sized videos designed for the YouTube and Facebook audiences, our creative specialists take advantage of pop culture and digital trends to create content that quickly gains likes and shares for your brand.


Our Commitment

  • Creative videos optimized for different viewing platforms at reasonable prices


Your social media page can do more than what you imagined it could do.

Our Digital Marketing company believes that social media can be a tool for brands to inspire people and direct their passion.

Social Media Strategy


Increase your followers, engagement and conversions with the M2.0 digital marketing team.

Engagement Strategy


We can assist you to building long-lasting relationships with your online audience instead of just volume metrics.

Content Strategy


Our social media experts will help you craft a brand story to meet your company’s objectives.