Our storytellers work in their own unique ways but effectively collaborate to come up with inspiring stories. They are a team of idea builders, content creators, and data gatherers that work as a system, translating messages and raw data into compelling narratives that lead to action, results, and more meaningful connections for your brand.

Doy Roque - Senior Strategic Counsel  | Social Media Marketing Company

Doy Roque

Senior Strategic Counsel

Doy is the chief storyteller and founder of M2.0 Communications. He began his career as a journalist with the Manila Times, where he first realized how information and stories can profoundly affect communities. This interest in the relationship between data and narratives led him to first establish Media Meter, a pioneering local media intelligence platform, then M2.0--now one of the Philippines’ leading PR/digital agencies. Over the years, he has led many successful campaigns for brands like Philips, Carrier, and MSD. He is currently the Asia-Pacific Vice-Chairman of Public Relations Organisation International, an international network of independent PR firms.

Rica Oquias - Head of Operations & Digital Marketing Lead  | Social Media Marketing Company Philippines

Rica Oquias

Head of Operations & Digital Marketing Lead

Rica leads the team to fulfill client goals according to international standards. She studies digital trends, algorithm changes, and social media trends, constantly working with her team to implement these in various digital initiatives. Specializing in consumer communications, her leading role was invaluable in social media campaigns for New World Hotel, Anytime Fitness, Loacker, Chevrolet, and Police Eyewear.

Karlo Cleto - Strategic Planner & Creative Director  | Social Media Marketing Company

Karlo Cleto

Strategic Planner & Creative Director

Karlo is M2.0’s resident idealist and Director of Strategic Creative. His years as a writer and editor for top-tier publications such as Manila Bulletin and Garage Magazine honed his ability in writing and creating captivating stories. Karlo played a key role in the crafting and deployment of Anytime Fitness’s regional campaign. His understanding of key social and economic concerns was crucial in contextualizing issues and messaging for campaigns such as BCDA’s Clark Green City launch and the media campaigns for APEC 2015.

David Castillo - Strategic Planner  | Social Media Marketing Company

David Castillo

Strategic Planner

David, one of M2.0’s two creative Strategic Planners, is a never-ending source of fresh ideas. Through his time with the agency he has mastered brand storytelling across various platforms, starting as a writer before becoming Head of Content, then Senior Strategist. David’s ideas and writing skills led to the success of numerous campaigns and launches for companies like Loacker, Filippo Berio, iHop, and Ramen Iroha. His ability to see different angles in complex issues was pivotal in a number of corporate communications and issues management accounts. David’s strategic advice for Max's Group helped set the campaign’s tone, enabling Max’s acquisition of Pancake House to occur without fuss.

Marco Rafael - Creative Director  | Social Media Marketing Company Philippines

Marco Rafael

Creative Director

As M2.0’s Creative Director, Marco works with the agency’s team of artists, designers, and videographers. He establishes creative processes to guide the team on international and local best practices in design. Marco regularly updates his knowledge of the latest design trends and finds ways to apply them in campaigns. He is a frequent collaborator in strategic planning sessions where he offers insights into visual aesthetics and UI/UX. He has had a hand in practically all major accounts in recent years, playing an especially large role in digital campaigns. He has done outstanding work for clients such as Loacker, Filippo Berio, Del Monte, Healthy Options, and New World Hotel.

Guio Martinez - Jr. Strategic Planner  | Social Media Marketing Company

Guio Martinez

Jr. Strategic Planner

Guio approaches strategic planning through the eyes of the client. He was previously an account manager collaborating with brands such as Jollibee, Procter & Gamble, and Xurpas. His experience brings different angles into the creation of digital and PR strategies, which is crucial in his constant collaboration with the social media team. A methodical researcher, Guio regularly aggregates data using different tools to gain insights into consumers and learn about the latest trends.

Jonah Garcia - Community Manager  | Social Media Marketing Company

Jonah Garcia

Community Manager

Jonah loves the challenge of writing unique content everyday. Her ability to internalize the brand’s personality in social media was critical to the success of campaigns with Loacker, Campbells, Filippo Berio, Irvin’s Salted Egg Chips, and Simply Cooking Oil. With her previous experience in Ogilvy handling Coca-cola, Eden Cheese, and Milo, she grew to specialize in the food and beverage industry. A UP Film graduate, Jonah plans on writing her very own movie script in the future.

Mathew Chan - Community Manager  | Social Media Marketing Company Philippines

Mathew Chan

Community Manager

Mathew loves creating content in various forms. A DLSU Literature major, he takes pride in crafting vivid, meaningful stories. Previously, Mathew was a Digital Content Producer for Travelbook.ph, where he wrote in-depth reviews of hotels and sites that made people want to be there. Mathew brings this experience and his expertise to the table when handling clients. He currently handles Anytime Fitness, New World, and Dell.

Kristen dela Cerna - Community Manager  | Social Media Marketing Company

Kristen dela Cerna

Community Manager

Kristen embraces the challenges of writing and digital marketing for brands. A former account manager collaborating with Australian firms, she always has great insights when it comes to understanding clients and their way of communicating with consumers. Kristen manages a diverse range of accounts including Steel Asia, Ivo, Ogalala, and M7J.

Justine Tan - Account Manager  | Social Media Marketing Company Philippines

Justine Tan

Account Manager

Justine Tan oversees online initiatives for clients and collaborates with the strategic planning team, community managers, and artists to produce meaningful social media content. She has led successful digital marketing campaigns for Anytime Fitness, Dell, Loacker, and M7J. Before joining M2.0, she was a Media Relations Associate for One Mega Group (formulating print and online strategies for all 13 of the Group’s publications) and a Digital Marketing Executive for Scorch iProspect.

Guia Peralta - Account Manager, Digital Team  | Social Media Marketing Company

Guia Peralta

Account Manager, Digital Team

Guia constantly creates meaningful connections between brands and followers in social media. Her leadership blends the talents of M2.0’s strategic planners, community managers, and artists to create effective social media campaigns. She has managed a wide variety of accounts such as IVO, Ogalala, Steel Asia, New World Makati Hotel, and Benby Corporation. Before M2.0, Guia developed production experience with clients like KFC and Lifestyle Network, which she now applies to improve FMCG campaigns. She was also a research coordinator for the pop-culture encyclopedia project of CCP. Guia always uses her pop-culture knowledge as inspiration for campaign ideas.

Ciara Ombao - Account Manager & Community Manager  | Social Media Marketing Company

Ciara Ombao

Account Manager & Community Manager

Ciara helps bridge the gap between brands and online communities. She treasures Aldous Huxley’s statement: “…one can never really communicate anything to anybody.” But she hopes to prove him wrong by perfecting and implementing her communication skills. She has successfully led digital campaigns for Lotus Malls, Paseo Verde at Real, and Fast Cat. As PR Executive in Perceptions Inc, she worked with Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific and the Hongkong Tourism Board. She graduated cum laude in BS Tourism in UP Diliman.

Ysabel Castro - Account Manager  | Social Media Marketing Company Philippines

Ysabel Castro

Account Manager

A Communications Technology Management graduate from Ateneo de Manila, Ysabel thrives in anything digital. Her creativity and business savvy helped her achieve success in multiple competitions involving marketing, entrepreneurship, and human resources. Prior to joining M2.0, she worked with the Healthy Options Group of Companies and was responsible for spearheading the recruitment marketing strategy for all of its five brands. Work aside, Ysabel loves immersing in different cultures and is an advocate for social welfare.

Chesca Agoncillo  - Senior Graphic Artist  | Social Media Marketing Company

Chesca Agoncillo

Senior Graphic Artist

Chesca is responsible for thousands of top quality graphics for events and social media. Her work was integral to many successful campaigns such as Meralco MPower and Shearwater. Her interest in social, environmental, and developmental issues helped to clearly visually communicate NEDA’s AmBisyon Natin 2040 campaign artwork. Before M2.0, she worked as an artist for Montgomery Fitch + Associates. She adores cats and kittens.

Bino Samson - Senior Graphic Artist/Videographer  | Social Media Marketing Company

Bino Samson

Senior Graphic Artist/Videographer

Bino has a keen eye for great camerawork and captivating visuals. He has created videos and graphics for a wide variety of clients in different industries such as New World Hotel and Steel Asia. His talents blossomed in the Anytime Fitness campaign where he filmed and edited meaningful content across Southeast Asia. Previously, he was a freelance graphic artist for Hotsauce Communications and a visual designer for Schmuzter.