Today, listening to the conversations in social media is just as important as telling your brand’s story. The discussions that take place in online communities can dictate the purchasing decisions of your consumers--this is why meaningful connections are so important.

Meaningful connections take place in the multitude of online platforms that countless people are a part of. Here’s a bit of context to guide you in choosing what will work best for your brand

Facebook marketing data

Facebook is still the number one platform in the country with 67 million active users monthly.

Youtube marketing data

Youtube is close behind--56% of Filipino internet users are on the platform.

FB Messenger platform users

Messenger has become a huge alternative to texting thanks to free data. 49% of Filipino netizens are on it.

Instagram Platform users

Instagram is also quite popular. It’s becoming a great platform for specific niches like food, travel, and fashion. There are around 10 million monthly active Instagram users in the country.


Your Brand’s Digital Platform Guide

Not sure how social media platforms work? Here's what you need to know about them as marketers:

Social Media Marketing Platform Guide

How We Help You Make Meaningful Connections

Social Media Management Philippines

Social Media Management

With an estimated 4 million advertisers currently on Facebook, how does a brand make meaningful connections with its audience? The social media platform’s recent algorithm change has deprioritized ads, focusing on genuine interaction and connections.

You might ask, is Facebook still worth investing in?

It’s not that social media is ineffective, brands just need to shift their approach. This is where our expertise comes in. We’ll harness the power of shared narratives, involving your audience in the storytelling process. We’ll boost user activity through unique and interactive content. We’ll use social listening tools to help us analyze and understand your consumer in terms of demographics, interests, and engagement.

At the end of the day, our goal is to create meaningful connections and tell meaningful stories for your brand on social media.

Social Media Playbook Service Philippines

Social Media Playbook

With the complexity that digital platforms bring, a brand guideline simply isn’t enough. It won’t explain how a brand’s persona would behave online. It won’t tell you which words to use in conversations with customers or how to react to a crisis or complaint on Facebook. A social media playbook tells the brand’s story, down to the very last detail; helping everyone involved represent the brand on social media.

Think of it as your brand bible--the go-to reference of the social media marketing manager, creatives, customer service representatives, and everyone in between.

Influencer Marketing Service Philippines


We live in a time when YouTube stars are more influential than traditional celebrities. Consumers follow blogs and vlogs to stay updated on the latest products and know whether the next big thing is worth buying or not.

Why do you need to collaborate with these content-creators? Influencer marketing content results in 11 times higher returns on investment versus traditional digital marketing. Bloggers, vloggers, and thought leaders write, publish, and produce material that countless people--including your customers--consume everyday. People trust them.

Some have massive followings: the top local personalities in YouTube, for example, have over a million subscribers and have garnered millions of views. Others are micro-influencers, who have no more than 10,000 followers, but are on the rise.

Large fanbase or not, influencers are an essential part of storytelling today.

Website Design and Development Service Philippines

Website Design and Development

Your website is your brand’s cornerstone in the digital space.

Virtually every company has one these days, but a lot of them are bland, dull, or confusing; a misrepresentation of their brand’s personality. With our expertise, we’ll turn it into an indispensable tool--one that tells your brand’s story and allows for genuine connections.


We understand the importance of platform and SEO optimization, especially with consumers googling everything nowadays on their laptops, tablets, and phones. This will ensure that your site is searchable, viewable, and looking its best.

Video Marketing Service Philippines

Video Marketing

There are around 8 billion video views on Facebook everyday. This tells us that video is an essential and very relevant medium for storytelling. Facebook’s algorithm change that prioritizes engagement and interactions is good for videos, especially live-streaming.

Our storytelling process and extensive experience in producing video content enable us to bring brand stories to life. We’ve done projects for various clients and industries and stay up-to-date with the latest in terms of video tech.

But we’re not just about making pretty flicks; at the end of the day, our content is always geared towards connecting and engaging with your consumers and communities on social media.


With the multitude of platforms and channels available today, planning out a digital marketing campaign or implementing online efforts can be pretty overwhelming. Leave it to us to connect with your audience through the most relevant social media platforms. Backed up by our use of listening and analytics tools, our social media marketing team will ensure that you achieve both meaningful and measurable results.