Philips Sound



Philips Sound is offering a new audiophile brand that provides a superior musical experience at affordable pricepoints. Despite its advantages, the market is saturated with similar brands. Philips wanted an approach that would make people care about another brand. Because the company wanted to use the approach to penetrate social media in the Philippines, it turned to M2Social for help.



People don't select their audio gear only because of names or specs. They choose gear for their music, their experience, and their lifestyle.



M2Social advised the international brand to share music, trivia, and experiences about music with music aficionados. OPM music and musicians were heavily featured to associate the brand with tunes and musicians that Pinoys love.



Philips Sound Philippines became the benchmark for great content for Philips. The campaign added more than 70,000 fans and became the highest performing page among other Philips Sound Pages in the world.