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Online Visibility

Not everyone in the Internet uses social media. To have a chance at reaching out to the 44.2 million active internet users in the Philippines, your brand needs an easily discoverable website to serve as your hub in the Internet.

A site allows you to fully control your user’s experience with your brand, which increases the chances to increase sales or generate leads. As a digital marketing company in the Philippines, M2Social provides you with the tools and expertise to create a website, update it, and optimize it to increase its visibility in major search engines.


Solutions From our Digital Marketing Team

Mobile Optimization

Multi-screen behavior has been the trend for the past 3 years. In order to tap your audience no matter what screen they’re using, our digital marketing agency helps you build responsive websites, which can be viewed in any size screen, from smartphones and tablets to monitors. We assist you in designing an effective user’s journey, guiding your target buyer persona with an experience that helps end in a sale.

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization helps you identify keywords and content that increases your website’s chances of being discovered by your customer after a simple Google search.

Content Strategy and Development

An optimized website content helps you get found online and creates a connection with your readers. Our content writers provide you with relevant website content and a monthly content calendars that line up with your marketing plans.

Link Building

Links increase the likelihood of discovery for your website. We help you build links with other reputable websites by using our network to raise your search rankings.

Visual Support

Our digital marketing firm helps you manage content suppliers like photographers, designers, and artists to ensure your website and content reflects your brand.


Websites generate vast amounts of data. M2Social helps you sift through the information, generating an easily understood report that tracks website performance on a monthly basis, measuring traffic, engagement and behavior. These date serves as guide as we recommend next steps on your campaign.


Our Commitment

  • SEO-optimized and mobile-responsive website design
  • Page 1 of search engines when using specific keywords


Your social media page can do more than what you imagined it could do.

Our Digital Marketing company believes that social media can be a tool for brands to inspire people and direct their passion.

Social Media Marketing for Fan Engagement

Consumers speak to brands as they were persons; brands need to communicate in the same way to earn their trust.

Social Media Marketing for Fan Acquisition

 If you’re brand new to social media or don’t know what to do with your account, M2Social can help you acquire fans and ensure that they will see your message.


Blogs are the third most influential digital resource when making purchases behind retail and brand sites.