Entering Digital Marketing

Entering Digital Marketing

For years, M2 Social has supported many clients in embracing and finding success in the digital revolution. The Philippines has more than 38 millions active Internet users with an estimated two-thirds in the coveted under-30 demographic and they spend more than 6 hours online. A viral digital marketing campaign is the most effective method to capture this always-connected, mobile, and social market.


M2.0 Has All The Tools You Need

Digital marketing encompasses many different disciplines united by the application of digital technologies. Each discipline can be seamlessly integrated with the others to more effective campaign.

Social Media

One viral Facebook post can potentially interact with over 40 million active social media accounts.

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Website Design, Development, and Optimization

Your site is your online hub. Through optimization and great design, it can be easily discoverable while retaining users.

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Digital PR

As new media rises in importance and traditional media increasingly enters online media, PR is evolving for the digital age.

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Formulating a Digital Campaign

The first step is often the hardest, especially when you're breaking new ground in the digital realm. Understanding what needs to be done first will help your brand reach its goals.


1) Audit Existing Platforms – Assess your online presence if possible. Determine the metrics of your website and social media accounts. Check what people are saying about your products and brand online.

2) Determine Priorities – It's not cost-effective to do everything. Consumer brands should focus on reviews and direct communications with consumers,which meanfocusing on digital PR and social media. On the other hand, services and systems should first concentrate on dominating search engines.

3) Implementation – The details need to be filled in then executed to achieve the objectives defined in the previous steps. Here is where our expertise can truly shine.


We're always open to discussing the intricacies of your digital marketing campaign.


Your social media page can do more than what you imagined it could do.

Our Digital Marketing company believes that social media can be a tool for brands to inspire people and direct their passion.

Social Media Strategy


Increase your followers, engagement and conversions with the M2.0 digital marketing team.

Engagement Strategy


We can assist you to building long-lasting relationships with your online audience instead of just volume metrics.

Content Strategy


Our social media experts will help you craft a brand story to meet your company’s objectives.