Why Use Social Media for Customer Service

Why Use Social Media for Customer Service

Why Use Social Media for Customer Service

Customer service has always been a crucial factor in growing a successful business. You shouldn’t just focus on the revenue that you can generate from your products and services, but also take the necessary steps to attract customers and turn them into loyal ones, eventually.

The question is, how to do that--especially now that customers already use different avenues to reach you?

The answer to that would be social media.

Customer Service in the Digital Age

Customer service has undergone rapid changes to complement today’s demand for fast-paced interaction. And thanks to social media, companies have found a straightforward and effective approach to manage both their businesses and customers while keeping a solid reputation for their brand.

Social media has been used by businesses to exchange conversations with their customers. It has also been the platform for positive and negative feedbacks to be aired. As this may seem the trend among brands today, what you’d like to know is if it’s a must to use social media for customer service.

Why You Need Social Media for Customer Service

Your Customers Demand Immediate Response

Customer service is being able to attend to the needs or concerns of your clients promptly. Whether they’re happy with your services or not, you shouldn’t wait for hours to pass before responding to them.

Giving them instant gratification will not just foster customer satisfaction, it will also allow you to establish a good company image--one that is caring and committed enough to ensure that the immediate needs of their clients are addressed.


In a study, it is revealed that 32% of customers expect a response on social media within 30 mins. While 42% expect their inquiries to be addressed in no more than an hour.

You Need to Establish the Human Side of Your Brand

At the height of online shopping, customers still find greater confidence in brands who extend their support using ‘more personal’ interactions via the sites that typical consumers use. While emails and phones leave you with other options, it is through social media that you can provide customer service in a more casual but conversational tone, therefore establishing the human side of your brand.

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You Have to Protect Your Reputation

As your customers are already active on social media, you’d find it necessary to be notified if anyone posts a bad feedback about your brand. Consumers typically use channels like Facebook and Twitter to make their grievances known. If you’re on social media, it would be a lot easier to respond to negative comments and turn a bad feedback to a positive one.

You Should Capitalize on Positive Reviews

With social media, you will not just be made aware of the negative feedbacks about your company. There are also positive reviews about your brand that you should capitalize on. Word-of-mouth works even online. Just take into consideration the little time it takes for a positive comment to be posted and shared across channels. By actively acknowledging your customers through the channels they use, you can establish a sound reputation and even allow it to naturally spread like wildfire to your advantage.

Social media has created a two-way channel that connects customers and brands. While there are risks involved in putting your brand across social networks, the personal relationships, the image you’ll be able to build, as well as the potential conversions that you can generate make using social media for customer service truly worthy.

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