How to Identify a Social Media Voice That Fits Your Brand

How to Identify a Social Media Voice That Fits Your Brand

How to Identify a Social Media Voice That Fits Your Brand

Many people think that the formula for a brand to stand out on social media is a combination of killer content, exceptional visuals, and proper timing. While all these factors contribute to building your brand on social, there is another one brand managers shouldn’t miss: social media voice.

As authentic communication is key in connecting to your audience, you need to find a voice that fits your brand.

Here are some tips to help you find your social media voice.

But first, let’s discuss the basics...

What is social media voice?

A brand voice is what determines your personality on social media. It is expressed through a uniform selection of words and style. If you have a brand voice, there is a clear purpose you want to convey to your audience.

Creating a consistent social media voice is a key factor in your social media strategy. It serves as a framework for everything you will post online. Furthermore, it is important in building a relationship with your audience, helping you become a recognized authority for your area of expertise. Through this, attracting and engaging your target audience becomes easier.

Your voice is determined by four common factors:

Personality – the best way to discover your brand personality is to create a persona that characterizes what you want your brand to be like as if it were an actual person.

  • Who would it be like? Describe your persona in adjectives: inspiring, humorous, or professional?
  • How would you want the persona to sound like to your customer? Is he/she more like a friend or an advisor?
  • Who would it not be like? Again, use adjectives to determine what traits you don’t want to be associated with your brand.

Tone – this goes hand-in-hand with your brand voice. But, unlike personality, it can be subject to various factors, like the message you want to convey, your audience, and the situation. This is the attitude of your voice and it can be funny, humble, sarcastic, etc.

Language – this defines the type of words you use in social media. It will largely depend on your audience and should be based on what language they use when expressing themselves online.

Purpose – what does your company stand for? You should determine whether you want to:

  • Engage
  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Sell
  • Inspire

Tips on Finding Your Social Media Voice

Identify Your Audience

Before you can establish your voice, it is important to spend time observing your audience online. Some Facebook tools such as audience insights allow you to see their demographics and psychographics.

Define Your Voice

Recognize what voice will best fit your brand. Assign yourself some adjectives that will capture its personality and build your voice based on this. This will serve as your guide when creating content and when interacting with your audience.

Seek Inspiration

Finally, you can always look into some established brands who have been successful in social media in terms of brand personality and voice. Observe how they communicate with their customers and see what you can adopt from them. This can help you refine your own unique voice and further humanize your brand online.

Here’s some of the big brands that stand out on social media because of their voice:


Coca-Cola is always successful in sparking interest with its advertisements despite the saturation in the beverage industry. Its campaigns always embody its message of friendship, joy, and experiences.


Disney has one of the strongest brand identities due to its consistency. The brand is always recognizable in its commercials and campaigns. From its social media page to all its merchandise, everything conveys its message: “Where dreams come true.”


All that comes from the shoe brand – from all its campaigns to its “Just Do It” tagline – are consistent with its purpose of motivating people to improve themselves.

Now you’re ready to put your social media voice to use!

Do you think you need to improve your brand voice? Let us know in the comments section below!

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