7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Social Media Audience

7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Social Media Audience

7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Social Media Audience

Do you have a social media marketing plan for Valentine’s Day yet? You should--otherwise, your brand might lose its audience to creative competitors! To help you out this Valentine’s Day, here are 7 ways you can share the love with your social media followers.

7 Ways to Share Valentine's Day with Your Social Media Fans

1. Put the Spotlight on Your Audience

Your social media pages focus on your products most of the time. Why not grab the chance to showcase your beloved customers on Valentine’s Day? Ask them to share stories about their loved ones, and feature these stories on your social media platforms. Take the time to chat with your followers. Reply to mentions and other bits of feedback, whether positive or negative. Thank your loyal audience. Be genuine, not spammy or salesy.

2. Give Employees Time to Shine

You’re not the only one in your company who talks with your social media followers, right? Brainstorm with your employees when planning for Valentine’s Day. They’ll have unique observations and a feel of what customers want, too.

Another cute way to win consumers’ hearts is to put your employees front and center, highlighting the human side of the company. Share employees’ love advice, or have everyone wear red or pink for a Valentine’s Day company snapshot.

3. Ask Valentine’s Day Questions

Here’s an easy social media trick: ask your audience a series of Valentine’s Day questions. You can post one question a day from February 1 to 14, for example. Not only will this quickly rake in replies from your followers, but it’ll provide you with fresh and relatable content to share with the rest of your audience. Some questions you can ask are:

Roses or chocolate?

If you could spend Valentine’s Day with a celebrity, who would it be and why?

Do you believe in forever?

4. Gather Suggestions

This is great for businesses with flexible selections, such as restaurants, coffee shops, or cosmetic brands. Before Valentine’s Day itself, poll your social media audience for the V-Day specials they’d like to see. Your followers will feel involved in the process, and there’s a greater chance that they’ll stop by to try out the limited edition products.

5. Announce a Promo

Catch your audience’s attention with a promo! Two-for-one deals are great for Valentine’s Day. If your budget allows it, tell your followers that all Valentine’s Day purchases will come with a small gift, and prepare freebies or free samples to make good on your promise.

6. Don’t Forget the Singles

Remember, not everyone in your social media audience has a significant other! Whip up some specials for the singles crowd, whether before or after Valentine’s Day. Gal pal-centric Galentine’s Day (Feb 13) and Singles Awareness Day (Feb 15) are perfect for this. You can also dedicate a post to broken hearts, unrequited affections, and The Ones That Got Away. Rest assured that you’ll enjoy loads of humorously bitter comments from customers.

7. Recap

Give your social media audience closure at the end of Valentine’s Day with a recap post. Put up pictures of couples who visited, and tag them if possible. Create an album filled with screenshots of customers’ amused reactions to your posts. Post that company snapshot from earlier if you haven’t uploaded it yet. Thank your followers one more time. This helps ensure that they’ll still be around for Valentine’s Day next year.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t only have to be about the romance that brings a couple together. With these 7 tips, your brand’s social media audience will feel the love, too!

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