Reach Mobile Audiences with These 7 Social Media Marketing Tips

7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Reaching Mobile Audiences

7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Reaching Mobile Audiences

According to a study by We Are Social and Hootsuite, 92.5% of people who use social media  are on either smartphones or tablets. You’ll definitely want to keep these users in the picture when laying out your social media marketing plans. Here are 7 tips to help you reach your targeted social media audiences on mobile.

7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Reaching Mobile Audiences

1. Make Your Pages Mobile-Friendly

Mobile users will appreciate easy-to-read posts that won’t require too much scrolling. Keep your social media posts short, and check that your pictures aren’t cropped on a smartphone or tablet display. Make sure all your links lead to mobile-friendly landing pages which load quickly. Keep your calls to action short and clear. Every now and then, visit your own sites on mobile to test them out.

2. Drive Location-Related Traffic

Your social media sites should show up as top results whenever consumers in your area do a mobile search including the phrase “near me.” Everything you post should reflect good local SEO if you want to be visible on Google results pages. Use keywords that are easy to rank for, such as your street name or your area. Display updated contact details across all sites and social media platforms.

3. Post Mobile Ads

Mobile ads are a surefire way to increase brand exposure on social media. Set them up to target users in certain demographics or locations. This helps drive meaningful engagement from your desired audience.

Here are a few more tips for mobile ads in particular:

  • Mention sales and special offers in the ad copy.

  • Adjectives matching your brand image will make your ad stand out.

  • Gently encourage consumers to make several purchases. Use plural words and phrases like “new styles” or “choose your favorites.”

  • Tap into messaging extensions, which give consumers the option to text you the moment they see your ad.

  • With price extensions, consumers can take a peek at your rates. It may sound risky, but ads with prices can perform up to three times better than ads without them!

  • Want more space to squeeze more info? Try out Google Ads’ Expanded Ads feature.

4. Bank on Short Videos

A study by Cisco predicts that in 2021, video will make up 82% of Internet traffic. Take advantage of this trend by posting short videos on your brand’s social media pages. Your video should ideally be 10 to 15 seconds long, otherwise people won’t stick around to hear you out.

New to making marketing videos? Fortunately, there are countless user-friendly video creation tools online, such as Animoto, Powtoon, Magisto, and WeVideo.

5. Mix Up the Kind of Content You Post

Despite the previous tip, your audience will still lose interest if you post nothing but short videos! Keep social media audiences tuned in with a variety of content, such as podcasts, infographics, and links to blog posts.

6. Encourage Engagement

Ideally, your social media followers will engage with your posts at the drop of a hat. Give them a gentle push through appropriate calls to action (ex. “Like if you agree!”) or interactive content such as polls. On your brand’s website, be sure that you have as highly visible “like” and “share” buttons for all your social channels.

In addition, Facebook, Foursquare, and Yelp give your customers the option to check in at your business, for all their online friends to see. This is free advertising right here! Encourage customers to check in on social media by offering coupons or other perks as rewards.

7. Care for Your Fans

Giving to your customers is central to marketing. Take some time to interact with your followers, having casual conversations and showing genuine concern. Share happy customers’ posts and leave comments. Ask questions and respond to inquiries and feedback. Treat each user as more than just another number, and your audience will love you all the more for it. Plus, you’ll win over potential consumers who hear about your warmth towards your fans!

Bookmark this list for your future marketing campaigns! With these 7 tips, it’ll be easier for you to win over your mobile audiences and pull ahead of the competition on social media.

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