5 Social Media Safety Tips for All Souls' Day

5 Social Media Safety Tips for All Souls' Day

5 Social Media Safety Tips for All Souls' Day

You might wonder whether it’s a good idea to go on social media and announce that you’ll be in the province for All Souls’ Day. Friends and family will know that you’re coming home, for one. You’ll also rake in likes, comments, and get “hey let’s meet up” messages for sure! However, posting everything about your travels can do more harm than good, especially if you end up oversharing. With a few careless status updates you can catch the attention of bad elements looking for their next victim.You might risk ending your Undas by being stalked or robbed as a result. To help you stay safe, here are 5 social media safety tips for All Souls’ Day.

5 Social Media Safety Tips for Undas

1. Don’t Post Your Travel Plans

Do you really want all your followers, including sketchy friends-of-friends, to know where they can find you? If not, keep your itinerary under wraps, at least until your mini-vacation’s over. If some of your friends ask about your All Souls’ Day plans over social media, answer through a private message instead of replying in comment threads for everyone to see. Otherwise, a stalker or two might tag along during  your visit to the family grave.

2. Keep Your Tickets to Yourself

Think that posting a picture of your ticket won’t do any harm? Criminals can weave a story out of the printed details, claim that they’ve kidnapped you on your way home, and trick your family into paying a hefty ransom. A picture featuring a plane ticket with a visible barcode isn’t any safer. Those little black and white lines contain information about your trip, including your name on the ticket and your frequent flyer number. With these in mind, you’ll want to avoid posting pictures of your travel tickets to protect yourself and your family this Undas.

3. Remove Geotags from Social Media Posts

Yes, it’s nice to let your friends know that you’re in the province for All Souls’ Day. However, you wouldn’t want burglars to know that your Metro Manila residence is unguarded. When posting on Facebook, double-check if the site automatically tags your location in status updates. If it does, remove the tags!

4. Wait Longer Before Posting Pictures

While exploring the cemeteries in your hometown, you might have snapped the perfect #TravelGoals photo or family groufie. Resist the urge to post it until you’re back from the province, though. This especially applies if you have kids or younger siblings with you on All Souls’ Day. Remember, if you put up a picture on the Internet, terrorists and online predators might be able to see it and know your whereabouts.

5. Secure Your Social Media Accounts

Some cities and airports have open WiFi networks, free for both travellers and identity thieves to use. Check the security of the network you’re using, and keep it in mind when doing things online (i.e. are you really going to change your password on an unsecured network?). You can also use mobile data. Of course, there is always the option to simply put your phone aside and cherish the family reunions that take place during Undas. If you really have no choice, though, take steps to stay safe when using public WiFi.

All Souls’ Day gives Filipinos a chance to spend more time with their families while remembering loved ones who have gone ahead. The celebration is meant to be relaxing, but you can end up having a stressful time if you’re not careful about what you post. Follow these 5 tips and enjoy a safe and peaceful Undas!

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