3 Alternative Social Media Platforms for Your Online Campaign

3 Alternative Social Media Platforms for Your Online Campaign

3 Alternative Social Media Platforms for Your Online Campaign

Facebook is considered to be one of the most powerful social media networks today. As of the 1st quarter of 2018, the platform has already recorded more than 2.20 billion monthly users worldwide. It also isn’t surprising to know that a huge portion of the number, 50 million to be exact, are business pages.

But, with the recent Facebook algorithm meant that posts from family and friends are prioritized. It seems that even with the Facebook advertising tools in place, brands are having a hard time reaching out to their audience.

Now, while the major update has left a lot of marketers in confusion, some have already looked past the platform and have resorted to using alternative social media platforms to support their Facebook campaigns.

If you’re looking to do just that, we did a little research to select three of the best alternative platforms so you can reach out to your audience beyond the usual Facebook ads.

1. For Targeting Ideal Audience: Reddit

Reddit is the most famous online forum that gives you the best of the Internet in one place. It has over 17 million active monthly users that debate on basically everything – be it fan theories or the best way to approach a woman. By being present in forums or subreddits that are dedicated to topics related to your brand, you can easily find your ideal target audience and talk to them directly. It’s a great platform for building you own community.

Although Reddit is traditionally viewed as a giant platform, its advertising options are remarkably affordable. A campaign has a $5 minimum spend and costs $0.75 per thousand pageviews. It means marketing on Reddit is only a fraction of the cost of advertising on Facebook, which typically runs at $1.25 CPM (cost per thousand). This maybe a great option for B2B advertising for specific business topics.

2. For Brand Exposure: Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a website that curates a wide array of new products for savvy shoppers and product enthusiasts – to discover every day. Here, members can rank and upvote a new mobile app, website, book or tech innovation, in a fashion similar to Reddit. The one with the most votes is boosted.

Listing a product on the website can do wonders for promoting and validating your business. Having members counting to nearly 300,000, many brands attest to reaching up to 10,000 website hits even with only 24-hours of being featured on the platform. However, while it’s great for brand exposure, membership is invite-only.

3. For Increased Engagement: Promoted Pins

Pinterest is the celebrated visually-oriented social media platform where users can share or Pin images that other members can like, save or re-Pin on their boards. Even giant brands like Lowe’s, Nordstrom and Burberry have found success on the website and you too can - provided that you have a stunning and visually appealing content to share.  This is great for home related products.

But, even with the best visuals you are only getting half of its benefits when it doesn’t reach your targeted market – and this is where the Promoted Pins come into play. These pins are basically just like your regular pins, only you pay to increase their visibility and their chance to be seen by your preferred audience. In a nutshell, this tool helps you get more saves, boost engagement and generate leads.

Aside from these sites, there are also the Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Snap Ads Google Ads, Quora, StumbleUpon and more that you can try. Just to make sure these digital marketing strategies work well together, here are some of the Best Facebook Marketing Tips and Ideas to further grow your business on the platform.

Social media advertising is not going anywhere soon – and it’s never too early to diversify your online presence. Explore as many networks and monetize in less competitive platforms to make the most out of your efforts!  

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