Snackable: How to Cook-Up Bite-Sized Content


The excess of content on the web can be pretty overwhelming; a quick Google search of anything you’re interested in will yield more results than you can ever consume. Your social media feed is a bottomless well of posts, allowing you to scroll down all day.

But let’s face it, only a small portion of what you see in your screen is thoroughly read, watched, or listened to.

Not a lot of people have the time to digest 5000-word think pieces or hour-long podcasts. If you had five minutes of down time, would you spend it on one article or a full course of memes, tweets, and infographics?

In this lightning-quick digital age, snackable content is king.

No, it’s not something you can eat. But like your favorite candy bar, snackable content is bite-sized and easy to consume. One great example is a Nas Daily video; a lot of interesting information is precisely packaged into a one-minute Facebook short.

Brands can always benefit from creating these delightful morsels of content. If you’re thinking of cooking-up some of your own, here are four helpful tips


Keep it short but sweet

It's not called "snackable" for nothing; snackable content is meant to be consumed quickly and effortlessly. Twitter, for example, limits the length of tweets to 140 characters. Instagram Stories run for just 15 seconds. We're not saying you have to stick to these parameters, but ensure that the content you produce is bite-sized and can be appreciated by people who are casually browsing or on-the-go.


Pack it with flavor

Going short-form doesn't mean you have to cut corners content-wise. Both brief and informative, Tasty videos compress the whole cooking process to a minute. Be creative in condensing your story: fast-forward your clips, use seamless transitions, or do without the intro to pack-in as much information as possible. At the end of the day, you want your Snackable content to be flavorful--encouraging consumers to come back for more!


Make it mouth-watering

Having snackable content doesn't guarantee you views, likes, or shares. As with any type of content, getting the attention of your market is key. Use compelling titles, provocative video thumbnails, and the hottest buzzwords for some “thumb-stopping” stuff.


Indulge them with eye-candy

Who says snackable content can’t be art? Visual appeal plays a crucial role in its snackable-ness, as people’s brains quickly process whatever they see. Make sure it doesn’t look bland or boring; appearances matter if you want to stand out in the competitive social media landscape!

The importance of compact content is crucial in this digital age. We can go on and on to explain why, but for now we’ll stop here, keeping this piece short--and snackable.