A Guide to Launching a Thunderclap Campaign

A Guide to Launching a Thunderclap Campaign

A Guide to Launching a Thunderclap Campaign

There are countless ways to go viral. But, there’s one effective tool to create noise and draw attention to your brand: Thunderclap, the first-ever crowd speaking platform allows you to launch a campaign and amplify your message on social media.

If you’re considering using this tool on your social media marketing strategy, then you should know the fundamentals of launching a Thunderclap campaign.

What is Thunderclap?

Thunderclap is a platform that lets a campaign be heard by a larger audience. It allows you to create a campaign and amplify the message by targeting those who support similar causes and get them to share the word across different social networks all at the same time.

Benefits of Using Thunderclap

1. It gets you trending.

When hundreds of tweets and share happen at the same time online, it gets your message noticed. When author Jim Stroud was promoting his book, he used Thunderclap to announce it. He recalled that his promotion has reached over 500,000 users when the tweets from 116 supporters began to hit the web.


2. It drives traffic.

The purpose of a Thunderclap campaign is to lead users to a specific link. When 343 users clicked on the link that accompanied Stroud’s message, they were sent to a landing page where they could purchase his book. It works just as effectively when you’re promoting a live event.


3. It generates conversions.

Finally, what made the campaign a success is that although it didn’t generate millions of dollars of sales, it still helped Stroud to sell 15 books over the course of three days.

How to Launch a Thunderclap Campaign

1. Create

To get started with your Thunderclap campaign, you need to compose a message that your audience would appreciate. The message should be kept short and engaging as Thunderclap will only give you a limit of 117 characters to keep it compatible with Twitter. To set up your campaign:

  • Log on to Thunderclap.It
  • Set up your profile and page – Include images and all the key information about your project
  • Include a hashtag and a link – The link must lead the audience to where you want to send them

2. Promote

Once your campaign is launched, it’s time to start sharing it to your network. Remember, you need at least 100 supporters for your campaign to go live. So, you may want to allocate at least two weeks in promoting your Thunderclap. Here are some strategies you can consider:

Influencers – before targeting influencers, it’s better to contribute to what they’re doing first before pushing your own campaign. Build a relationship with them first.  It can be done by writing guest content or whatever will be most favorable to them. This will increase the chances of them supporting your drive.

Social Media – it’s also important to turn to social media when promoting your campaign. Here, you can share updates as it happens. Similarly, you can schedule a series of tweets to keep up the momentum.

TIP: To wrap up the success of your event, write a thank you post and publish it in all your social media channels. Don’t forget to thank everyone who participated in your Thunderclap.

E-mail Outreach – It’s crucial to send e-mails to your network including your family and friends to promote your campaign. You’ll be surprised to see how much support you can drum up within your personal circle.

Tips to Maintaining the Momentum

Keeping the noise around your campaign is important to gather more supporters. Instead of repeatedly sending the same message, you can consider publishing updates when you’re:

  • Hitting milestones
  • Close to reaching a goal
  • Thanking an influencer who supports your Thunderclap

3. Wait

Finally, once you’ve reached your 100-supporter milestone and your campaign goes live, all that’s left for you to do is wait and expect for greater traffic to your website. It’s important to conduct a review to ensure that what you’re promoting is prominently featured on your homepage.

For a free tool, Thunderclap is a great means for producing significant website traffic. However, you have to keep in mind that your efforts don’t end with your campaign. You’ll want to keep your supporters interested long after it.

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What do you think of launching a Thunderclap campaign? Let us know by commenting below.