Types of Facebook Ads and When to Use Them

Types of Facebook Ads and When to Use Them

Types of Facebook Ads and When to Use Them

In many studies, the Philippines has taken the global lead in terms of time spent on social media. A survey conducted by the Digital Global Overview by We Are Social and Hootsuite revealed that an average Filipino now spends about four hours on social media everyday.

Considering this number, investing in Facebook Ads is an obvious route for any digital marketer looking to increase presence and brand awareness.

Why You Should Invest in Facebook Ads

The Facebook business platform is progressing every day in order to give you more options to reach new audiences and maintain your digital presence. Facebook ads are mainly designed to drive traffic to your website or Facebook Page. However, with a wealth of options, it may be confusing to figure out which type of Ad is best to achieve a certain campaign goal.

In this article, we break down the different types of Facebook Ads to help you determine which you should run for your campaign. But first, we’ll help you define their main objectives.

Facebook Ads: Objectives and Types

Facebook manages ads based on three primary objectives: awareness, consideration, and conversions. Each objective has a certain purpose, and we listed the types of ads under each:


The idea of this objective is for people to discover your brand--thus the need for an increase in your Facebook Page’s visibility. It’s specific to building and widening your audience by increasing engagement. In order to succeed in this, it’s important to invest in high-quality content that is both creative and relevant.

Boost a Post: Boosting an organic post increases the visibility of your content on the feed of those who already follow your page.

Promote Your Page: This ad is focused on increasing the number of people who like and follow your page. A larger audience doesn’t guarantee larger reach, however, so you’ll still likely need to boost posts.

Local Reach: Geographically targeted ads promote your Page to users who are within a specified range.


The consideration stage is when a user is already interested in your business, product, or service and is ready to perform a particular action. Such actions can include visiting your website, installing an app, or signing up for an event.

Traffic to your Website – Drive people to your website

Engagement – Increase your engagement

  • Page Likes
  • Post Engagement
  • Event Responses

App Installs – Gain app installs

Video Views – Generate views on video

Lead Generation – Acquire new leads with a form your followers can fill out on Facebook

Messenger Ads – Serve ads right into Facebook Messenger


While awareness campaigns are meant to boost your presence online, conversion campaigns are goaled towards encouraging your followers to click on ads and carry out specific actions like purchasing your product or service.

NOTE: Conversion ads are aimed directly at increasing your profit. However, while it seems to offer the most promising results, it also tends to be more costly compared to other ads.

Such ads include:

Conversions – This ad is designed to drive an action and increase conversions on your website

Product Catalog – A fresh offering, this ad allows you to showcase relevant products to your audience

Store Visits – Similar to local reach, this option is meant to drive foot traffic to your physical store

Offer Claim – This ad allows your audience to claim your offer on Facebook and direct them to your site

Facebook Ads Format

Once you have determined your goal and which type of Facebook ad will prove most useful to you, you’re now down to deciding on which ad formats to use.

Don’t confuse Facebook ad types with formats. While the type of ad is the action that is specific to increasing engagement and boosting conversions, the ad format is the way you want your ad to appear - whether it’s a photo, text, video, or a combination of these elements.

Photo Ads

Video Ads

Source:  Jollibee

Source: Jollibee

Canvas Ads

Carousel Ads

Dynamic Product Ads

Source:  Lazada

Source: Lazada

Slideshow Ads

Source:  Janylin Shoes

Source: Janylin Shoes

Link Ad

Source:  SEMRush

Source: SEMRush

Learn more about your options here: Facebook Ad Formats

Integrating Facebook Ads into your social media strategies can improve your effectiveness in generating leads and increasing your ROI. However, each ad format is unique and the best way to ensure that these tools deliver the best results is to work with a social media marketing company.

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