The Do’s and Don’ts of Modern Dating

The internet has totally changed courtship and how people date. Gone are the days of handwriting love letters and serenading to that special somebody. Now the whole dating thing—which used to be very intricate and hands-on—can be accomplished through the phone!

You might be the minority—inclined towards more traditional means of courtship, an old soul sticking to conventional methods. But the reality is that a lot of people these days look to the internet for romance. If you’re on a quest for love in this digital age, you might want to take note of these tips:



Be You

Never be misleading when setting up your online profile. There are many ways to make your photo flattering, and that’s fine, but make sure that it’s recent and it looks like you. Also, don’t put out any info that isn’t true. We all want to impress potential partners, but it’s never okay to lie just to get their attention. People might expect and become disappointed—maybe even offended—when they find out that you aren’t really who you say you are. Having a truthful and complete profile tempers expectations and should lead to better matches.



Communicate Clearly

A lot of people like to shorten their words or use abbreviations and slang when chatting. This shouldn’t be a problem when talking to friends or family, but it could be when dating. Remember that not everyone might be familiar with the writing habits you developed online. Be mindful and polite by spelling out your words completely and communicating as clear as possible—unless of course, you happen to share the same lingo and get along in that regard!



Take Initiative

Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Matching up with someone online is meaningless if neither initiates a conversation. Think about it—you could be missing out on a potentially awesome relationship just because you were reluctant to say hi!



Don’t Lead People On

Some might treat dating platforms such as Tinder like a game, but it’s never nice to play with a person’s feelings. Be genuine in your intentions, and make sure that you communicate it to whoever you are involved with. And yes, the golden rule definitely applies to modern dating.



Old School is Still Cool

Connecting through social media might be the norm these days, but who says old school isn’t cool? Spice things up by taking that special someone out to a fancy dinner! Have a nice picnic in the park, explore the city together, or climb a mountain! Don’t limit yourselves to just chatting and liking each other’s Instagram photos. In this age of everything digital, going the traditional route can be really refreshing.


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