3 Friendly Influencer Tips from Kris Aquino to Help Brands Transition to Social

Although social media is an exciting new marketing frontier, entering the digital realm has not gone smoothly for many brands. But that isn’t the case for Kris Aquino. In a career spanning three decades with no end in sight, she has constantly – for better or worse – captured the headlines. And now, she has taken to social media like a duck to water. Her Facebook account boasts 1.2 million followers, Instagram 3.3 million, and Twitter 1.5 million. Effortlessly, the movie and TV star transitioned into a social media darling, which enabled her to retain her title as “Queen of All Media”.

But what are the ingredients of her success? Read on.



Always Take the Limelight

Even before she was a digital influencer, Kris was already big. From Pido Dido onwards, Kris’s personal brand grabbed the spotlight and never let go. She’s in your commercials, blockbusters, talk shows, and social networks. The type of media didn’t matter; what was important was the attention.

For brands, perhaps transitioning to social media is the wrong way of thinking about the process; it’s more like adding another channel to your media options. There is no need to ease up on traditional media, especially when it has already worked for the brand. In fact, it’s better to be on both traditional and new media channels. But digital media must become a focus for any company, especially since Filipinos spend 9 hours and 29 minutes on the internet.



Deliver the Same Message in All Media

Additionally, whenever Kris enters the camera or the picture, it’s always as Kris. There is never any time when she’s not who she is. Honestly, this quality makes her a horrible actress but in exchange, she’s an incredibly authentic personality with the same personal brand message all the time. Her authenticity helps people believe in her because they can’t imagine her being or saying anything else.

On the other hand, companies often have different messages to various market segments. This can come off as insincere when the segments see the messages marketed to others and, in the age of digital media and social sharing, they discover conflicting communications. Stay on the message whether facing a journalist, printing an ad, or uploading a social media post.


Share Stories Behind the Scenes

But what makes Kris always come off as herself are the stories that she shares. Even when promoting a product, she shares insights into her life, her tastes, or her family. Everything she showcases could be her, Josh’s, or Bimby’s fave. It’s cheesy but it’s real, filled with passion – and humanity.


Brands often feel that they need to keep up appearances all the time. But to be successful in marketing, especially in social media, it’s important to share what goes behind the company. Let the consumers meet the people, experience the processes, and discover what makes the brand tick. For people to relate, the company should be seen as a person – with a personality, preferences, and even flaws – it makes the brand human.

The ingredients of Kris’s social media success aren’t unique. Other brands have built a strong social media presence on these principles. Yours can too.

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