5 Viral Videos for the Week of February 12

Viral videos are always a point of conversation these days. If you haven’t watched the latest dance craze or the recent celebrity meltdown on social media, you aren’t in! Lucky for you, we’re here to fill you in if you’ve been too busy to see them or just haven’t been exposed to social media (or the internet, for that matter). Here are the viral videos for the week of February 12:

This list features a mix of funny and cheesy—just what you’d expect this Valentine’s season. While there are a ton of viral videos online, we handpicked a few good ones that caught our attention:



Does a kid’s wild imagination and a sugar rush sound like a good combination? Turns out it’s a brilliant formula for a viral video! In this one, little Ernie gets his first sip of soda and suddenly blabbers about half-animals, demons, and the powers of destruction. It’s both cute and hilarious!



There are plenty of proposal videos out there, but a double proposal? Unheard of! Watch this wonderful couple propose to each other during a game of Pictionary! This is truly a one-of-a-kind occurrence, and fortunately it’s all captured on camera.



Poet/comedian “Makata” truly has a way with words, and he wowed the crowd and judges in his recent Pilipinas Got Talent audition. The artist effortlessly strings together Tagalog words and throws endless pick-up and punch lines that result in great entertainment. Be sure to watch Makata and Vice Ganda’s playful and hilarious exchange towards the end!


You can always count on popular fast food chains to come out with commercials that pull on heartstrings, even more so in this month of love. McDo’s Valentine’s ad does a solid fan-service for those who followed one of the biggest Pinoy love teams in Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion. There’s barely a script for the two, but the saying, “actions speak louder than words,” definitely hold true here. Rey Valera singing the very fitting “Kumusta Ka” just holds the whole thing together (and adds a cherry on top). If this isn’t worthy of a kilig or two, we don’t know what is!



A taxi driver from Davao City by the name of Elcias Bugsad will surely make you laugh with his un-president-ed talent (we apologize for the pun). His uncanny impersonation of the Philippine President recently went viral on social media, and we’re not surprised—close your eyes while listening to his voice and it’s hard to tell the difference!


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