What We Learned from Consumer Shopping Behavior in 2017

You can’t really refute the convenience of being able to purchase any product anywhere, anytime. By shopping online, you can get better deals than the ones in physical stores, have access to items that aren’t available locally, and can have it shipped directly to your home. These advantages have made e-commerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay flourish and change consumer behavior. E-commerce has shaped the way brands market and sell their products too, even in developing nations like the Philippines.

Brands both big and small have adapted to this shift in business, and to stay on top they need to understand and analyze their market. One way to do this would be to study the search behavior of consumers. Let’s take a look at what people searched last year and gain some insights from the data:


What did consumers search for in 2017?


January 28
Chinese New Year


January 30
Closing of Kim Store because of Customs


January 31
Launch of Shopee’s cash on delivery feature and free shipping


March 1 to May 31
Summer holiday related searches


May 1
Labor Day related searches


July 11 to 16
Lazada super brands sale


September 1 to 9
Shopee 9.9 mobile shopping day


November 11
11.11 Sale/Single Ladies’ Day


November 25-29
Pinoy Cyber Sale


December 12
12.12 Sale



What does this tell us?


Take note of number patterns on dates

E-commerce sites consistently mount sales on dates with repeating numbers (e.g. September 9, November 11, etc.), and consumers know this. Take advantage of this pattern by setting special discounts in your social media and other online platforms on such dates. Date-based promos could help you boost sales and increase followers as people really look for this kind of offer.


Consumers didn’t search for thematic or seasonal sales as much

People already expect sales to take place on seasonal or special dates (e.g. Mother’s Day, New Year, Christmas, etc.). On top of your usual seasonal marketing efforts, try newer e-commerce strategies. One example would be to surprise them with flash sales exclusive open only to your loyal Facebook followers.


Brands didn’t take advantage of Labor Day

Unfortunately, brands missed the opportunity to mount efforts on the 1st of May. Learn from last year’s search trend by implementing a Labor Day-related effort in 2018. A Laboracay-themed sale event, perhaps?


Be aware of other “special” days

Yes, Single Ladies Day, Global Desserts Day, and National Pizza Day actually exist. And yes, people do take notice! Make sure your brand takes advantage of these special days by researching in advance and initiating seasonal activities, especially on celebrations that are relevant to your product or industry!


You’ll be surprised with how much you can improve your brand by studying data and extracting marketing insights on relevant trends like e-commerce. Find out how you can elevate your brand further by consulting with our brand strategists!