Quora, Spotify, and Tumblr: Why Try These Unexplored Social Media Platforms?

Quora, Spotify, and Tumblr: Why Try These Unexplored Social Media Platforms?

Quora, Spotify, and Tumblr: Why Try These Unexplored Social Media Platforms?

Social media has been a game-changer in marketing. It has been constantly evolving and growing, opening new opportunities for both entrepreneurs and professionals.

While many people realize its numerous benefits, they are usually limited to using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as platforms for their campaigns. They are unaware that there are others that can help them with their marketing efforts.

Here are three that are worth checking out:

3 Social Media Platforms Worth Exploring

1. Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer site that can be quite useful for marketers. It has dramatically become a comprehensive resource of information for almost any topic and has a whopping 100 million visitors a month. Branding on Quora can improve your online visibility, credibility, and brand value.

Why Explore Quora?

It Has Authentic Users

Unlike other Q&A platforms where anonymity and privacy are prioritized, Quora encourages its users to use their true identity. This results to better answers on the site.

It’s Spam-Proof

Unlike other social media sites, links from Quora are no-follow, which means a click on the link does not influence the ranking of the linked website in a search engine index. Therefore, pasting a link on Quora that leads to your website is useless when you’re after the ranking. What would be a better way to establish your brand is through a human approach and real engagement.

It Builds Brand Authority

Providing answers to questions and starting conversations related to your niche allows you to build your brand reputation as an authority. In fact, posts in Quora often appear on the first page of certain search engines. If you contribute a good answer and it gets upvoted, it’s likely that you are getting traffic from that post. More traffic means more exposure for your brand.

2. Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the most used blogging platforms today with over 39 million users. However, it’s still often overlooked by marketers. Since half of the users are under the age of 25, they are missing out on a chance to connect with a defined audience.

Why Explore Tumblr?

It Offers Business Benefits

The micro-blogging site has a number of key features and benefits that can be valuable to a business. It acts a social media network where users can share all types of content – images, video, audio, short text entries, and GIFs, making it an ideal platform to engage and connect users in different ways.

It’s a Content Platform

It’s basically a blog platform with a built-in social functionality. Users get to share and react to content, follow other Tumblr blogs, and discover new content through hashtags. Users can link their blog to their other social media sites, allowing them to share Tumblr posts to other platforms and vice versa. It also has a queuing functionality where you can edit and schedule posts ahead of time.

3. Spotify

With over 60 million users, Spotify has evolved into one of the biggest social media platforms. Users spend an average of 148 minutes on Spotify daily. The popular platform has broadened its range of marketing opportunities for the benefit of brand marketers.

Why Explore Spotify?

It Offers Sponsored Sessions

Aside from providing banner placements and audio ads for brands, Spotify also has Sponsored Sessions – a feature that rewards users a 30-minute ad-free music experience in exchange for watching a sponsored video.

Allows Audience Targeting

Spotify also has a Playlist Targeting feature that takes behavioral targeting to a new level. This feature allows brands to tap into the platform’s first-party data so they can reach the audiences that matter most. It keeps track of user journeys across devices and allows targeting based on activity, mood, and music tastes.

It Has a Huge Market

Although these features only reach regular or non-paying accounts, you have the opportunity to reach out to 80 percent of Spotify users – 48 million active users in total.

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