Why Traditional Business Owners Should Invest in Digital Media Marketing

Digital marketing is as effective as ever but not all established business owners have adapted their marketing strategies with these changes. Here are seven reasons why traditional business owners should invest in digital media marketing:


Increased Brand Awareness


Digital marketing is one of the most effective methods to raise brand awareness, build brand reputation, and acheive engagement. Increasing your brand presence in online channels like social media is a great way to introduce and communicate your brand, with the possiblity of consumers recommending it to others.


Cost Effective

One of the most cost-effective advertising strategies, digital media marketing can potentially replace expensive advertising channels such as television, radio, magazines and Yellow Pages.

Signing up and creating a profile is free for most of the social networking platforms and any paid online advertisements cost relatively low compared to other marketing placements. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest allow you to promote and share content with no cost. They also offer advanced but affordable advertising platforms that target consumers with demographic, keywords, and interest-based campaigns.


Real-Time Results


Unlike traditional marketing, digital media can provide you real-time results and help you find out what is and what is not working for your business. This allows you to adapt and adjust your strategy quickly.

There are also tools that will help your business measure traffic like Google Analytics. It provides great insights in relation to the number of site visitors, subscriber increase, peak trading times, and conversion rates, among other data.


Easier ROI Tracking

Another advantage of digital marketing is that you can easily measure its results as there are tools that can be used to track the conversion rates and ROIs of your campaigns.

When implementing traditional marketing methods, you don’t have a precise way of measuring ROI. There is little means by which conversion rates are directly measured, making it impossible to identify which advertisement led a customer to buy a product, for example.


Improved Market Insight


Through digital marketing, you can get valuable market insights that will help you find better ways to cater to your consumer’s needs. By monitoring consumer activity, you become aware of your market’s interests and opinions, which would be difficult to gather without their presence on social media. These crucial insights will help you come up with strategies that would generate more revenue.


Infinite Audience

A digital campaign can reach an infinite audience. While it allows businesses to tailor a digital advertisement for a local audience, it can also reach everyone in the world if necessary.

Additionally, digital marketing also serves as an interactive means of reaching an audience because it allows for direct contact between consumers and businesses. This way, you can gather valuable consumer feedback, acknowledge positive customer experiences, and address negative ones.




Now that the world has transitioned into a very digital environment, it’s common sense to invest in digital marketing. Although traditional marketing still has a place, you can’t refute the effectiveness of online efforts.


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