5 Tips for Taking Better #TravelGoal Photos

Filipino Millennials want to see the world. According to Google Trends, travel and tourism search terms grew by 19 percent this year. And what they see, they share. Instagram and Facebook are filled with envy-inducing vacation pictures that make you want to post your own. But while the place where you’re going to travel is important to taking great shots, your skill with the camera is crucial too. Here’s what you can do to take better #travelgoal photos.



Control Golden Hour - Angel Juarez (@thelakwatsero)

Lighting is one of the most critical aspects of photography. Unfortunately, you can’t control the light in the great outdoors; you have to rely on Nature’s light: the sun. However, when it’s high in the sky, its light is harsh and much too bright. For the perfect picture, you need to get your camera out for ‘golden hour’, the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. During this period, the light is perfect, soft and warm.


Use a Focal Point - Enzo Cruz (@iamenzocruz)

Have you ever been in a majestic location, taken a picture, and wondered how the resulting photo doesn’t capture the grandeur of the view? The culprit could be the lack of a focal point. The focal point draws the eye of the viewer to the most important part of the image, helping to give the picture depth. It acts as a start for the eye, which then travels across the rest of the image, similar to the zooming out of the camera in a movie. A simple way to create a focal point is to slightly blur the rest of the image. This little technique works even in landscapes!


Frame Your Shot - Lyka Gonzalez (@lykagonzalez)

Another technique to help create a focal point is by framing your shot. Framing has nothing to do with a physical frame; it has everything to do with capturing your subject. Instead of blurring the background, you can use various elements of a scene or landscape to draw people’s eyes to your subject. Buildings, trees, people, and more can be used to frame a photo.


Add People - Javy Cang (@javycang)

Speaking of people, humans are always the most interesting thing to other humans. People make the scene instantly relatable and automatically give a sense of scale to exotic backdrops. Also, individuals like to imagine themselves in the shoes of the person in the shot. Lastly, if you’re taking a photo of a local, remember to ask their permission first.


Create a Story - Kimi Juan (@kimijuan)

Stories are vital. They’re how people make sense of the world. Even brands use stories to relate to their customers. Unfortunately, stories often get lost in photographs but with the right composition and subject, these stories can be brought to life. This aspect probably requires the most thought but always take the time to imagine your photo’s story. Is it a tale of a simple smile of happiness, a curious cat, or a rock that witnessed eternity? With a story, your picture will be paint more than a thousand words.


The next time you visit an awesome location, remember these tips. Make taking an amazing photo one of your #travelgoals!

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