5 More Tips for Taking Better #Foodporn Photos

The Filipino obsession with food continues! Photos of people’s latest meal appear in Instagram and Facebook all the time. Although beginners with unappetizing pictures still appear, many aspiring food photographers learn a few tips to improve quickly. But those tips are only the beginning. Here are five more tips to make your #foodporn photos even better.



Control Your Breath

Do your pics always end up shaky? Slight movements can easily ruin a shot and no amount of Photoshop can save it. To help yourself keep still, breathe like a sharpshooter. They breathe normally and steadily then fire when exhaling. The body relaxes during exhalation, which keeps it steady. Photographers can get better shots using the same technique.



Move Closer - Pepper.ph (@pepper.ph)

To make people drool about food, they need to see its color and texture. Instead of trying to capture the entire plate, move closer. Show the details: the creamy sauces, the fluffy filling, or the succulent meats.



Show Interaction - Thea de Rivera (@theaderivera)

For food to come to life, sometimes it’s necessary for someone to interact with it, to slice the steak, to pour the sauce, or simply stir the soup. These small interactions can reveal more dimensions about the meal.



Splash Some Water - ForkSpoonManila (@forkspoonmanila)

If the salad’s ingredients don’t look certified fresh under the camera, splash or spray some water on it. Oil will do too. This simple trick will perk up fruits and vegetables and provide glistening highlights in the right places.


Remember the Rule of Thirds - New World Makati (@newworldmakati)

The rule of thirds is a simple rule taught in photography class. Basically, it states that the subject of the photo shouldn’t be in the center but in one of the ‘thirds’ of the frame. Imagine the shot as a grid of two vertical and horizontal lines – this will break the picture into ‘thirds’. The intersections of these lines are points of interest where the subject and other important elements should go. If you’re using a smartphone, you don’t have to imagine as many apps will overlay the grid to make finding the ‘thirds’ easier.


As long as people keep enjoying their meals, pictures of great-looking food will always be popular. Taking and posting them online will get your social media account plenty of likes.

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