How to Take Instagrammable OOTDs: Creating Fantastic Flat Lays

Flat laying allows you to showcase the different pieces of your OOTD in a straightforward and practical manner. It lets you single out individual items in a collection so you won’t have to worry about your followers missing subtle but important details like accessories and footwear.

Local fashion personalities like Kim Jones and Liz Uy use this technique, and you’ll instantly understand the appeal of the flat lay when you see their posts. They’re simple yet visually appealing! If you’re planning to hop on the flat lay bandwagon or are hoping to improve your flat lay skills, here are some tips you might find useful:



The Perfect Backdrop - Camille Co (@itscamilleco)

A plain white canvas always works, but you can also try laying out your OOTD pieces on different surfaces related to your look or theme! Wood, sand, grass, stone, asphalt, bricks, and tiles are all possible options. Just make sure that it doesn’t overwhelm and distract viewers from what you really want to show them.



Bend the Rules - Kerwin King (@kerwinking)

A flat lay photo doesn’t have to be from a purely top-down perspective. Try tilting the camera a bit while still capturing every piece. You might be surprised to find your OOTD looking great in a different angle!



Let There be Light - Kim Jones (@kimcamjones)

Ensure that you have ample lighting for your flat lay. Check the shadows and reflections—do they complement the pieces or do they hurt the look? Is the lighting too bright or too dark? Experiment and see what works best for your layout!



Add Thematic Elements - Camie Juan (@camiejuan)

Add miscellaneous items that are aligned with the theme of your flat lay. A cup of coffee for an urban ensemble, a car key for a road trip get-up, or a passport for a jetsetter’s OOTD!



The More, the Better - Trice Nagusara (@tricenagusara)

Switch the items up—try different variations of the layout while taking photos of each flat lay. When you’re done, choose the best looking one!


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