21 Bewitching Fashion Influencers to Follow

It’s the day of your date! Do you have any idea what to wear? If you don’t, this list of our favorite fashionistas can help. Their style isn’t just for impressing your partner. These women – and men – share clothes and coordinations that can be used to make an impact in social events or daily life.

Brands will do well to follow them too. Whatever they wear will inspire their legions of Millennials and older Gen Zs.

In no particular order, here the top fashion trendsetters ad their Instagram accounts in the Philippines:


1. Seph Cham (@sephcham)

Fashion and photos aren’t the only things that Seph Cham shares in his blog and Instagram. He also loves to offer his followers exciting, new ideas about health, gadgets, and lifestyle.


2. Patricia Prieto (@patriciaprieto)
In her own words, Patricia Penson Prieto is a style, travel, and lifestyle blogger; an occasional fashion stylist; and an aspiring fashion designer. Her dashing personal style is her own.


3.  Ira Giorgetti (@iraisavampire)
Ira is a photographer and a filmmaker – a background that shows in the composition of his fabulous shots. His eclectic sense of style, however, is taught by his own taste.


4. Nicole Andersson (@nicole_andersson)
Actress turned events host and lifestyle and fashion blogger, the gorgeous Nicole has truly earned the title of Most Beautiful Digital Influencer.


5. Robbie Becroft (@robbieoffduty)
Robbie showcases simple, everyday outfits – sometimes matched with something tastefully unusual for something new.


6. Tricia Gosingtian (@tgosingtian)
A photographer-blogger, Tricia has a love for Asian aesthetics, fashion, beauty, and culture. She sports a sophisti-cute style, which can be readily seen in her photos.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 5.47.21 PM.png

7. Lance de Ocampo (@lancedeocampo)
Specializing in menswear, travel, and lifestyle, Lance is admired for his versatile fashion style that seems to change in every photo.


8. Kim Jones (@kimcamjones)
Not just a simple fashion icon, Kim Jones is a strong voice for local artisans and designers as well as other philanthropic causes.


9. Michael Macalos (@michaelmacalos)
Michael carries himself effortlessly with a cutting-edge style that pushes the boundaries of menswear. His passion leaks offline as he gives talks and seminars to his fellow youths.


10. Camille Co (@itscamilleco)
A fashion designer, model, and stylist, Camille started a clothing label, Coexist, and is regarded as one of the most promising young designers in the Philippines.


11. Sef Tiburcio (@seftiburcio)
Sef blogs about food, gadgets, store events, and especially fashion! His sense of style ranges from casual to nautical looks.


12. Kryz Uy (@kryzzzie)
Kryz started her online adventures as a school project but it grew bigger and bigger until more than 470 thousand follow her today.


13. Mikyle Quizon (@mikylequizon)
Mikyle Quizon shares a man’s perspective on life, fashion, travel, and lifestyle.


14. Lissa Kahayon (@lissakahayon)
Aside from being a fashionista, Lissa is also seasoned traveler and fitness enthusiast. Her fashion and travels take you across the world.


15. Stephen Garcia (@stphngrcia)
A blogger and fitness enthusiast, Stephen likes to experiment in fashion. While bucking trends, his personal style still ends up as marvelous.


16. Dani Barretto (@danibarretto)
From that famous family, Dani has made a name for herself in the realm of fashion. For her, fashion is about expressing yourself, a lesson that she hopes her young followers understand.


17.  Miko Carreon (@mikocarreon)
Miko is a blogger, architect, and dancer. His style inspirations include different cultures around the world, from hip-hop urban styles to preppy outfits.


18. Vern Enciso (@vernenciso)
Vern and Verniece Enciso are two sisters who share a blog as well as adventures in fashion and travel. If one is already amazing, the two are better.


19. Verniece Enciso (@verniecenciso)
Vern and Verniece Enciso are two sisters who share a blog as well as adventures in fashion and travel. If one is already amazing, the two are better.


20. David Guison (@davidguison)
The proprietor of one of the best style blogs, David is a master of casual looks. He mixes ukay-ukay and more expensive pieces to create his signature style – a very relatable strategy for his followers.


21. Laureen Uy (@laureenmuy)
Laureen is approachable and it shows in her every post and reply. Her sense of style is impeccable too. Maybe this combination is why she currently has 875 thousand followers on Instagram.

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