How to Take Instagrammable OOTDs: Striking the Right Pose

A pose can be a fashion blogger’s most powerful weapon. The right stance, facial expression, or posture can bring out the best in an outfit and add personality to an OOTD post. A bright smile will complement a pretty summer dress, while staring into the distance could spell a mysterious look. Whether you’re a professional blogger or an Instagram page manager or you simply want a great looking IG feed, you’ll definitely need to consider the perfect pose for an OOTD. Here are some tips and examples to help you strike the right one:


Tips for Posing


Practice, practice, practice

Practice your poses in front of a mirror before your shoot. The more you get the hang of them, the more natural your OOTD will look!  Don’t shy away from taking lots of photos and trying different variations of the same pose—there’s a better chance you’ll find the perfect shot among a bunch of takes.


Get Creative

Try using an accessory or prop to complement your pose. Use your surroundings to your advantage—lean against the wall, rest your arm on a ledge, or lay on the grass for a more interesting picture!


Make a Move

A pose doesn’t necessarily have to be still. You can try incorporating action and movement into your OOTD to add color and liveliness!


Use Your Eyes

Your eyes can totally set the tone and emotion of your pose. Looking away from the camera, for example, will give a very different feel compared to looking straight at it.


OOTD Poses

Here are signature poses that will make you look like a pro fashion icon on IG.


The One Step - Kryz Uy (@kryzzzie)

Place one foot forward and channel your inner beauty queen!


Pocket Hands - Arisse de Santos (@arissedsnts)

Put a hand or two in your pocket(s) for a nice, casual look. To look even more laid back, you can opt to tuck just your thumbs.


The Look back - Janeena Chan (@janeenachan)

A classic and effortless fashion blogger stance!


The Busy Body - David Guison (@davidguison)

Tinker with your phone or type away on your laptop. Perfect for your corporate ensemble!


A Hand on the Hip - Laureen Uy (@laureenmuy)

For an OOTD that exudes confidence and fierceness.


The Laugh - Saab Magalona (@saabmagalona)

Think of your funniest memory and laugh for the camera for a feel-good photo!

The Sip - Seph Cham (@sephcham)

A cup of coffee or tea could be the perfect partner for your get-up.


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