How Safe Are Your Kid’s Toys?

Fun and games don't always go well together – especially when a kid gets ahold of dangerous toys. Such toys often reach the comforts of our home, unaware of the threats they possess to the safety of children.

The World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (WATCH) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to informing the public of the dangers present in many toys, children's products, and recreational activities. It releases an annual list of dangerous toys including those to watch out for due to safety concerns.

This year’s list included a number of popular toys including fidget spinners, hoverboards, and toys with batteries and small parts. WATCH warns that such toys are potential for choking, impact and burn injuries among others. The comprehensive list of the dangerous toys and activities can be found here.

The WATCH list only proves that there is not always safety in numbers. Despite their popularity, toys can be hazardous to children. Parents must be responsible for choosing the appropriate toys for them and their development must be taken into consideration.

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