19 Free and Affordable Royalty-Free Music Sources Every Social Media Marketer Should Know

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

For this blog post, we compiled great sources of music and soundtracks. Here’s a list of free and affordable royalty-free music sources you can use for your video content.

You won’t spend a dime with these free music sources:

1. Youtube Audio Library

Image Source:  Youtube

Image Source: Youtube

One great source of free music and soundtracks is Youtube’s Audio Library. They offer an immense collection that you can filter by genre, mood, instrument used, license, and duration.

2. Musopen

Image Source:  Musopen

Image Source: Musopen

A nonprofit whose purpose is to “set music free”, Musopen offers free music that are all in public domains. This is the best place to get period music, be it Baroque, Romantic, or Renaissance. But they also offer 21st Century music licensed under Creative Commons (requires attribution). You can browse their collection by instrument, period, composer, or performer.

3. FMA – Free Music Archive

FMA boasts of music that you can use for serious media production. They offer free downloads but you’ll need to read the licensing method on the right column of the music profile. Most of the music in the collection, if not all, are licensed under creative commons.

4. Audionautix

Image Source:  Audionautix

Image Source: Audionautix

This site offers a straightforward way of searching for the music you need. You can search via category, tempo, genre, and mood. When you find your track you can download it and use it for commercial purposes. Just make sure you give proper attribution.

5. Moby Gratis

Image Source:  Moby Gratis

Image Source: Moby Gratis

Mobygratis offers a catalog of free music for indie filmmakers, film students, and nonprofits. They have a wide variety of music types you can use for your videos. Just register and fill out a form that includes a selection of music that you want to download. Wait for the 24-hr approval and you're set!

6. Free Stock Music

Image Source:  Free Stock Music

Image Source: Free Stock Music

In this website, you can download free stock music from a wide range of genres and formats. All the music they offer is free and there really isn’t any catch. You’re guaranteed not to spend a single peso.

7. TeknoAxe

Image Source:  TeknoAxe

Image Source: TeknoAxe

Their collection of more than a thousand soundtracks and music grows every week. All their tracks are licensed under CC4.0 which means that they’re free for distribution and modification. You only have to give proper attribution to the site and owner of the track you’ll be using.

8. ccMixter

Image Source:  ccMixter

Image Source: ccMixter

If you’re into remixed soundtracks, then ccMixter is for you. It’s a music remixing community that offers soundtracks that are licensed under creative commons, which basically means it’s free for noncommercial use and only requires proper attribution.

9. PacDV

Image Source:  PacDV

Image Source: PacDV

This music source offers a large collection of free music that’s neatly listed in their website. However, they ask to “not resell or re-license the sounds to anyone else, post on a website for download, or link directly to individual sound files.”

10. Public Domain 4U

Image Source:  Public Domain 4U

Image Source: Public Domain 4U

Publicdomain4u only offers free vintage music that’s so old they qualify for Public Domain licensing. Vintage music available here includes those from the early 1900s. The collection is free even for commercial use as it’s already in the public domain.

Opt for free or spend on the following affordable royalty-free music sources:

11. Partners In Rhyme

Image Source:  NewBlueFX

Image Source: NewBlueFX

Partners in Rhyme has been offering royalty-free music for more than two decades now. They have a huge collection of soundtracks, background music, and many other types of sound files for your videos. They also offer free and public domain music with certain usage restrictions.

12. Bensound

Image Source:  Bensound

Image Source: Bensound

Bensound has a good collection of music and soundtracks that are licensed under creative commons. The collection is free for use even for commercial purpose but requires attribution depending on its CC license. If you don’t want to attribute, you can opt to purchase a license.

13. Free Soundtrack Music

Image Source:  Free Soundtrack Music

Image Source: Free Soundtrack Music

This website offers both free and royalty-free music. What’s interesting about this music source is that it categorizes music or sound tracks by color (e.g. green for refreshing music, wood brown for warm and hearty music, red for passionate and powerful music, yellow for cheerful, etc.) Just make sure you give due credit to the original producers or composers of the soundtrack you want to use.

14. digCCMixter

Image Source:  digCCMixter

Image Source: digCCMixter

This site has a wonderful collection of soundtracks and music that are free for commercial or online content use (some require attribution). You can purchase a TuneTrack Commercial License which will allow you to use a soundtrack for specific purposes (e.g. modification, commercial use, etc.).

Affordable royalty-free music and soundtrack sources:

15. Machinima Sound

Image Source:  Machinima Sound

Image Source: Machinima Sound

Machinima Sound is a websource where you can get soundtracks for your media production at a low cost. You can browse their catalog by genre and mood. Sound bites are also available in this site.

16. Epidemic Sound

Image Source:  Epidemic Sound

Image Source: Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a popular and trusted source for royalty-free music. They bundle all licensing fees into one so you can sit back and relax after paying. This source has a lot of music and soundtracks perfect for YouTubers and filmmakers.

17. Beatpick

Image Source:  Beatpick

Image Source: Beatpick

Beatpick offers a large collection of royalty-free music and soundtracks for any kind of media production. They have everything from Italian opera to modern music. The rates range from 30 USD to 1000 USD depending on the type of project and use.


Image Source:  DANOSONGS.COM


Owned by singer and songwriter, Dan-O, this site offers a collection of his own affordable royalty-free music.

19. Jamendo

Image Source:  Jamendo

Image Source: Jamendo

You can get free music and soundtracks from Jamendo for use on a personal project. Organizations or businesses will have to pay the license fee.


Now that you have sources for music, you can finally create exciting social media content! Check out this guide we made for making 360 videos!