7 Great Facebook Features You Might Not Know About

You use Facebook every day, but how well do you know it? It’s a very user-friendly platform and for most, commenting, liking, and posting are enough. However, there are other functions that can enhance your experience and optimize your account. To upgrade your social media skills and make the most out of Facebook, here are seven great features:



Save Posts You Like

If you see a post you like and want to save it, click the down arrow on the upper right of a post and select “Save post”. You can access saved posts by choosing “Saved” on the left side of the home page. This feature is similar to bookmarking links on your browser.



The Secret Inbox

Facebook account has an inbox for messages sent by users outside of your friends list. Click the Messenger icon then select “Message Requests” on the top-left side to unlock a treasure chest of unread messages.



Customize Your Feed

Facebook has two features that let you prioritize seeing posts from specific friends.  Click “Following” on your friend’s profile then select “See first” to see his or her new posts on your news feed. The “Close Friends” setting under the “Friends” tab does the same but also notifies you of every new post.



Relive Facebook memories

You can the interactions you’ve had with a friend on Facebook by clicking the ellipses button on your profile then selecting “See Friendship”. You’ll see a log of posts on each other’s timeline, allowing you look back and reminisce the past.



Video Calls

Is regular chat too boring? Communicate with other users through a Facebook video call! To do this, click the small video cam icon on the top-right side of the chat window.



Extra Security

If you’re the type to take extra security measures, Facebook has a feature that will require an additional password whenever your account is accessed through an unknown device. The new password will be sent to your phone, away from the eyes of hackers.



From Another Perspective

Ever wondered how your profile looks like to another user? Click the ellipses button on your profile page then select “View As…” to see your page through the eyes of a specific friend or stranger.

With your newfound Facebook skills, you can enjoy using the social media platform even more!

Source: https://brightside.me/inspiration-tips-and-tricks/ten-seriously-useful-facebook-settings-you-probably-arent-using-141205/