How to Make Your Hashtag Campaign Great

Hashtags can help brands strengthen their presence, engage with consumers, and monitor relevant discussions in social media. A well-implemented hashtag campaign can really put a brand in the spotlight, as demonstrated by marketing efforts like Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke project.

Hoping to start the next hashtag hit? Here are five tips to help you:



Make Your Hashtag Simple and Catchy

You don’t want people struggling to remember your campaign’s hashtag. Think of a catchy and clever hashtag that stands out or perhaps one that serves as a call-to-action to consumers.  Make one that’s simple but avoid one that sounds generic or bland. A perfect example would be RedBull’s #PutACanOnIt.



Identify Your Target Market

Before planning for your hashtag campaign, make sure that you really understand your market. Know their interests and what they’re currently talking about as this will help you build an idea or story that resonates with them. You can also include trending and relevant hashtags in your posts to be able to connect with them further and become more visible to others. Try avoiding sensitive and controversial issues or topics, however, as this might result in a backlash.



Connect with Consumers

A hashtag campaign enables you to touch base and interact with consumers. It can help you identify and highlight positive feedback as well as respond to negative ones. Use this opportunity to create meaningful dialogue with your customers.



Constant Monitoring

Ensure that you’re always monitoring your hashtag campaign. This way, you can readily build on the momentum of brand conversations in social media and promptly address issues, such as complaints or negative comments..



Make it Visible

Hashtags aren’t only used in Twitter. They’re used in platforms like Instagram and Facebook as well. Spread your hashtag across your different channels for visibility but avoid overusing or spamming it.

A successful hashtag campaign can help build your brand—and has the potential to make it viral. Use this digital tool to elevate your brand in social media!

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