5 Simple Ways to Use Social Media to Live Healthy

The rainy season can drag down your aspirations for a healthy lifestyle. A shower or just its threat can be enough excuse to cancel your jog and the rising cold encourages you to eat fatty comfort food while settling on your sofa to watch TV. Fortunately, help comes from unexpected quarter: social media.

Social media is often regarded as an incredible time-waster and hours spent on posting on your account are hours which could have been spent on the gym. However, harness it correctly and you have a jewel in your hands.


Find Support

Social support is beneficial in making changes to your lifestyle. Fortunately, social media can provide that support easily. It enables you to connect with people, organizations, and fitness brands who are dedicated to healthy living.



Get Fitspiration

These connections can provide you with a crucial nutrient: your daily dose of fitspiration. Fading motivation can do more to derail you from your fitness goals than the rain. Refresh it regularly with uplifting stories and positive vibes.


Converse with People Like You

But sometimes, you cheat your diet or take a break from exercise for too long. Joining a health-focused social media group can help you share your difficulties and learn from other people’s advice and experiences. It will help you get back on that exercise bike sooner.


Block Bad Vibes

And if the source of your lapses is related to negative people online, social media provides you the tools to block them from your life. Unlike the real world, all it takes is the click of button to ignore unhealthy people and noxious temptations.

Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress

Lastly, the best motivation is seeing yourself improve. Take a photo of yourself and post it online at regular intervals to create a timeline of your progress. If you keep at it, the before and after will eventually look drastic but you’ll know that all it took was effort and time. And if others think you’re being narcissistic, can you blame them with your figure?


External factors can ruin the path to self-improvement that you’re on. That’s why you have to strengthen your inner resolve and, used wisely, social media can be great at making a new you.