Top 5 Trending Posts of March

In a study done by We are Social, an average Filipino spends nine hours online because it has become much more than a way to pass away the time. SNS or Social Networking Sites has become an easily accessible platform to share our thoughts as well as the things that can brighten our day. From the hundreds of thousands of videos, photos, and posts in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, M2Social gathered five that caught people’s hearts and minds for the month of March.




Make up Tutorial in a Jeepney - Trending Posts of March

Make up Tutorial in a Jeepney

For girls, putting on makeup is commonplace but doing it in a moving jeepney is out of this world. Recently, Range Advertising posted a video of Anne Rhycie Kate Custodio doing her makeup tutorial while riding a jeep. The hilarious video became viral and gained 4,867,400 views as of this writing and still counting. The girl’s confidence in doing her stuff drew admiration from millions of netizens. Click here if you want to see.


Can Animals Foretell Upcoming Catastrophe? - Trending Posts of March

Can Animals Foretell Upcoming Catastrophe?

An earthquake hit Surigao Del Norte last February 10, two days after an oarfish was found dead on the coast of Agusan Del Norte. Some netizens believe that this sighting was a sign that a disaster was about to strike. According to Japanese folklore, the Oarfish, a deep sea creature, is a prophet of doom. It is an old belief that when an oarfish is seen in shallow waters, there will be a catastrophe — either a tsunami or an earthquake. These past few months, posts about dead oarfish all over the coasts of the Philippines became viral. Netizens reacted with worry while scientists, who believed that there’s no relationship between oarfish sightings and earthquakes, tried to calm them down.


Spidey on a Jeepney - Trending Posts of March

Spidey on a Jeepney

Who would have thought that an ordinary day can be an extraordinary one because you were with Spiderman in a jeepney? Shang Itona posted a photo of Spiderman sharing a ride with her and others while on the way to Las Piñas. According to her post, it was around 5 pm when someone in a Spiderman costume became the center of attraction in the jeep she was riding. She added that the guy made her day and she wanted to take him home. The post instantly went viral with almost 29 thousand likes and 13 thousand shares. 


Young Vendor Saves Money for His own Chemotherapy - Trending Posts of March

Young Vendor Saves Money for His own Chemotherapy

A concerned citizen, Matteo Utitco, posted a photo of a guy selling sweet potato with a caption “If you see him around BGC, buy his goods. Treat him with respect. This kid is in for the fight of his life. Saving up for his chemo. L” The post went viral because of the young vendor’s heartwarming story. It gained mixed reactions from the netizens. Some say that the young vendor might be trying to scam them all while others asked for the vendor’s information to send some help. As of this writing, the twitter post has reached 1,794 retweets and 3,474 likes.


“Photographs of Father’s Love” - Trending Posts of March

Photographs of Fathers Love

Recently, a photo of a father staring at his daughters while eating fried chicken in Jollibee went viral, gaining 81 thousand likes and 72 thousand shares. Netizens were touched by this heartwarming photo that showed the selfless love of a father to his children. The man who posted it is named Jhunnel Sarajan, who went back to the fast-food chain the following day to get more details for the people who wanted to help the family. He also found out that the father, Ryan Arebuabo, is a victim of stroke and a single father to his two kids.




Beauty and the Beast Taking over Worldwide Cinema - Trending Posts of March

Beauty and the Beast Taking over Worldwide Cinema

After its world premiere last February 23, 2017 in London, Beauty and the Beast is currently taking over cinemas worldwide with positive feedbacks from critics and viewers. It has already grossed 690 million dollars and continues to gain more as it is shown in different countries. The film is a remake of Disney’s 1991 animated film of the same name and is adapted from the eighteen-century fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont.


Logan – a tearjerker film - Trending Posts of March

Logan a tearjerker film

Wolverine is one of the most badass characters in the Marvel Universe but for its recently released film, it has been making guys cry. Logan, Wolverine’s real name, is a bittersweet tale about an older and weaker Wolvie since his claws and healing factor are wearing down. The movie will be Hugh Jackman’s last starring as the character. Many Marvel fans were touched by the film and shared their strong feelings in social media.


Oscar’s 2017 Fiasco - Trending Posts of March

Oscars 2017 Fiasco

Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty became the hottest topic after they had wrongly announced La La Land as the Best Picture instead of Moonlight. According to them, someone handed them the wrong envelope. Luckily, one of the crew approached Jordan Horowitz, Producer of La La Land, regarding the mistake right after the announcement. In the end, it was corrected and Moonlight received the Academy Trophy. With this blunder, memes filled the internet like the yelling face of Meryl Steep and the awkward clap of Nicole Kidman.


Nokia 3310 Saying Hello Again - Trending Posts of March

Nokia 3310 Saying Hello Again

The father of mobile phones is back. Yes, the rumor is true; the Nokia 3310 is coming back to the market with new features including a colored screen, a 2-megapixel camera, and a microSD slot. From an old and boring phone, Nokia improved the features of the new 3310 to be up to par with today’s mobile phones. It has no WiFi, GPS, and app store but Nokia retained the nostalgic feature of this phone like its long-lasting battery and the popular game "Snake". Costing 49 Euros or 54 US dollars, this iconic mobile phone is targeted for release during the second quarter of the year.


No to Facebook Quizzes - Trending Posts of March

No to Facebook Quizzes

People are answering Facebook quizzes without a care in the world. But according to Sri Srihadran, Managing Director of Florida Center for Cybersecurity, some of these social media tests and quizzes are used by hackers to gather personal information and they hijack personal accounts to lure more victims. He also said that people should only answer quizzes from reputable sites and avoid quizzes that require you to sign in or ask for your email address to protect your personal information.


These trends prove that Social Media is a powerful tool. With the right story, your brand can reach millions with a click. If you need help in sharing your message, then contact our team in M2Social. We’re always ready to listen to your needs and make your online campaign successful. Let’s share ideas for your brand!