Top 15 Cool Travel Gadgets for Your Next Backpacking Trip

Backpacking and hiking are now making a comeback. There are more people who enjoy nature tripping for recreation or to escape the busy and stressful city life.

But to make this experience a truly great escape, you will find some travel gadgets really important for a fun backpacking experience. These travel gadgets ease the challenge of going outdoors especially helpful for first-timers. 

Below you will find cool travel gadgets that serve a range of purposes.

1. goTenna

goTenna is a two-way radio and antenna that allows iOS and Android devices to send message and location info within a 50-mile range. It uses Bluetooth-LE that pairs with a smartphone to keep devices connected when there’s no signal.

2. Solar-Powered Inflatable Light

A space-saver portable light source is what you need for your backpacking trip. LuminAID is the best choice for this. It is a lightweight and waterproof lantern that you can charge under the sun. When it’s fully charged you can just inflate the lantern to diffuse the LED and get at least 8hrs of ambient lighting. 

3. Rugged Portable Speaker

A long trek is best enjoyed with mood boosting, energizing music. There are numerous portable speakers that are widely available in the market--wireless, lightweight, waterproof and shockproof.

4. The North Face SURGE II Charged Backpack

Thanks to its ingenious design, The North Face Surge II backpack lets you pack all your travel needs while enabling you to charge your gadgets with its USB-port charging hub. This travel gear is your most practical backpack choice, so far.

5. Biolite Wood Burning Campstove

Another option to keep all your travel gadgets supercharged is through this camp stove that offers the benefits of a backpack stove and a power charger. Biolite Wood Burning campstove generates power as it burns twigs.

6. Water Purifier Bottle

Be brave enough to drink river water with this portable water purifying bottle. This travel gear can purify almost any tap or clear natural water into potable water in just a minute. It uses the UV light to neutralize viruses and bacteria that infiltrate the water.

7. Fitbit Flex Activity Wristband

Using the GPS technology, it can trace your trail and tally the miles you walked. More than that, it can also keep track of your meals and chart the calories you gained and burned. When you sleep, it calculates the hours you snoozed and vibrates to wake you up. 

8. TruFob Wireless Tracking Tag

Backpacking can be a bit of a hassle when you often misplace or forget important items behind. If oftentimes, you find yourself searching for your purse or bag, this travel gadget is perfect for you! With the TruFob tracking tag, you can just pull out your phone and track where your valuables are, be it a bag, a purse or anything. 

Cool Travel Gadgets

Cool Travel Gadgets

9. Torch

A biting cold weather can also be uncomfortable and most of the time, your thermal socks and underpants will not be enough to warm you. In cold places, you’ll need a coat that can warm your body through the night. That’s what Torch is best known for. It is a battery operated heat pad that you can stick into your coat for added warmth and in a single charge, you can enjoy up to 5 hours of warmth.

10. GoPro Hero5 with Gorilla Clamp

GoPro Hero5 is a tiny camera that can capture 23 megapixel photo and huge 4k video. It comes with a waterproof casing that you can use up to 33 ft underwater and with a gorilla clamp, you can mount GoPro on virtually anything. 

11. Biolite Kettle Charger

Match this advanced kettle with Biolite Wood Burning Campstove to charge even more gadgets. Like its campstove brother, this kettle uses the heat to generate electricity for your phone’s battery.

12. Eton Rugged Rus Solar-powered Smartphone-charging Speaker

In case your phone lost power while playing music, connect it to this bluetooth portable speaker to charge up. Eton Rugged Rukus has a solar panel that stores up power in the device which you can use to charge your mobile devices. Listening to music is nonstop with this travel gadget as it can last up to 8hrs when you’re out of the sun.

13. Backpacking Flashlights Fenix MC11

Light source is an essential backpack item. When the sun sets, you need a long-lasting flashlight that emits enough illumination to aid your night activity. Fenix MC11 does this better as it delivers up to 105 lumens. It is light, adjustable and has a clip so you can mount it on your hat, strap etc.  What is more, you can use this device for up to 100 hours on just one AA battery. 

14. Brunton WOW Camp Lantern

Brunton WOW Camp Lantern offers versatility and functionality. It emits up to 40 lumens enough to serve as a task light. Its legs on the other hand can be used as a tripod for the lantern. Remove it and it can act as a tripod for your digital camera. It also comes with a magnetic feet which you can use to mount the lantern on metallic surfaces. 

15. Snow Lizard SLXtreme iPhone Case

The Snow Lizard SLXtreme Case is the ironman suit for your iPhone. It offers protection against hard falls and lets you charge the phone, thanks to its solar powered charger at the back panel. Its watertight seal, on the other hand allows you to take underwater shots of up to 6 feet deep. 

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