5 Exciting Ways to Turn Your Valentine’s Day into an Adventure

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’re probably thinking of which fancy restaurant to dine in or where to buy reasonably priced roses. But aren’t you tired of the cliché candlelit dinner? It’s always a good thing to try something new together when in a relationship, and what better way to do that than to take your special someone to a romantic adventure?

Here are 5 ways you can ditch the predictable dinner and take your Valentine’s plans to new horizons:


Conquer a Mountain

Climbing a mountain can bring a lot of challenges that test your teamwork as a couple. Accomplishing this milestone will not only strengthen your relationship but will last in your minds forever. Try hiking Mt. Pico de Loro, Mt. Pulag, or Mt. Batulao to share a breathtaking view this Valentine’s Day.


Traverse a Dark Cave

Spelunking in a dark cave will bring you closer as a couple, both literally and figuratively! Popular spots in the Philippines include Odloman Cave, Callao Caves, and Langun-Gobingob Caves.



Ride a Wave

Lovers are in luck, because the season of love also happens to coincide with surf season! Catch a wave in these surf spots: Baler, La Union, Zambales, and Siargao.


Probe the Depths

If love can be in the air, it can also be under the sea. Go on a snorkeling trip, or if you two are more adventurous, a scuba dive! Have your underwater experience in Siete Pecados (Coron), Balicasag Island (Bohol), and Anilao (Batangas).


Fall Together

Jump out of a plane and hold hands tighter than you two have ever done before! Soar up into the heights and fall hand in hand in Cebu. #Relationshipgoals



Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be conventional and boring. Cancel your dinner reservation and book an adventure. Take this opportunity to have fun and grow even closer as a couple.

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