How to Talk to Gen Z on Social Media

If today is all about digital and social media, then we are living in Generation Z’s world. Gen Z is the next big market, and brands should prepare for when they inevitably take over millennials. Born in the years 1995 to 2010, they don’t know life without the internet and spend a lot of time online. Sure, you’ll find them on social media platforms, but they have unique characteristics that set them apart. How do you effectively reach them as social media managers? Here are five tips: 



Be quick

Gen Z has an even shorter attention span than Gen Y. Make sure that you pique their curiosity right away on your social media channels so you don’t miss the chance to reach and engage them! Implement campaigns that really speak to them and resonate with their generation.

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Explore multiple social media platforms

Social media platforms are a big part of the Gen Z lifestyle. And they don’t limit themselves to just Facebook and YouTube; they are active on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter as well. Consider being active on multiple platforms in your campaign if you plan on marketing to Gen Z!

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Be mobile-ready

Those from Gen Z love to be on their smart phones and tablets. Ensure that your digital campaigns, content, and websites are all optimized for mobile!

Partner with social media influencers

You won’t appeal to Gen Z through invasive and non-skippable ads—you’ll have better chances of communicating to them through social media influencers like YouTubers, bloggers, and popular Instagrammers.

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Don’t count out traditional media

According to a study by Kantar Millward Brown, “Gen Z are consistently more positive about ad formats such as outdoor, print ads and cinema, TV and radio ads than standard digital alternatives.” Don’t count traditional media out!