Top 10 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

A staple in Filipino homes, the Christmas tree is an iconic symbol of Christmas and a big part of the yuletide tradition.

To help you start decorating yours, we’ve searched the Internet for some of the best Christmas tree decoration ideas. In this list, you will find both classic themes and unexpected ones. Either way, they’re guaranteed to make your home more festive and Christmas-spirited!

1. Classic Christmas tree

Image Source:  HouseBeautiful

Image Source: HouseBeautiful

A plain fir tree can’t get any more classic than a gold angel topper, red ribbon trimmings, and a mix of gold and red Christmas balls.

2. Rustic Christmas tree

Instead of the usual red and green ornaments, why not add natural elements like pine cones, jutes, and burlaps to your Christmas tree? It’s a new take on traditional décor but it also gives off a rustic Holiday feel to your home.

3. Red and Gold Christmas tree



Both bold colors, gold and red sing Christmas spirit and tradition. The combination of these colors complement the deep green hue of the tree pretty well and fits easily in any Christmas theme.

4. White and Gold Christmas tree

Why not switch things up and consider buying a white Christmas tree this year? To make it stand out, decorate it with gold ornaments. Gold and white is a sophisticated combination that fits Christmas really well. TIP: Cut a felt cloth to serve as a tree skirt. It will be like having snow under your tree!

5. Neutral Christmas tree

Image Source:  Place of My Taste

Image Source: Place of My Taste

A combination of wooden ornaments and trimmings in muted colors create a subtle look that complements your evergreen well. Set your tree in a large wicker box, then add presents wrapped in brown paper. Tie them with jute strings to complete the look.

6. Blue and White Christmas tree

Pay homage to the winter season with a blue and white scheme. Set your white or traditional green Christmas tree (covered with fake snow) with blue and white ornaments and a subtle touch of silver trimmings to complete your winter wonderland theme.

7. Kid-Friendly Christmas tree

Kid-Friendly Christmas tree

A Holiday tree spruced with ornaments that don’t easily break – ribbons, garlands, and felt décor is a great way to keep your tree child-friendly. After all, where’s the Christmas fun in a Christmas tree that’s off-limits to your kids?

8. Pastel Christmas tree

Amidst the pastel trend, it seems an obvious choice to decorate your Christmas tree with pale pinks, soft blues, and whites. In 2016, celebrity doctor Vicki Belo opted for a pastel-ish tree decked with all things her toddler loves. The 10-feet tall spectacle was set up by American decorator Stephen Brown and Bryan Crabtree.

9. Ombre Christmas tree

Image Source:  Little Inspiration

Image Source: Little Inspiration

A twist to an all-white Christmas tree, this ombre theme utilizes a sophisticated gradient palette. It starts with white at the top and smoothly transitions to silver and black at the bottom. TIP: You can also consider a white to gold ombre for a Grecian theme.

10.  Personalized Christmas tree

If you want to challenge your DIY skills, consider personalizing your fir tree by embellishing it with family photographs. This tree uses red and white twines as hangers and clay word ornaments.

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