How to Properly Deal With Negative Reviews

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No business wants to receive a bad review. However, it’s the customer’s right to speak their mind on review sites and social media platforms. Many rely on online reviews these days, and it could take just one unpleasant experience from a person to drive others away. Reasonable or not, bad feedback can hurt your brand image and affect sales. How do you properly deal with them? Here are six tips:



Make sure you respond

Don’t leave any reviews and complaints unanswered as it shows that you don’t care about your customers or your brand. It shows negligence as a business. Make sure you track all negative feedback and respond to them accordingly.


Post a sincere and professional response

Generic responses tell customers that you aren’t really interested in solving the issue they have with your product or service. Be understanding of their concerns and reply with a personalized message that would address their needs.


Address negative reviews ASAP

Don’t leave negative reviews hanging in the air—respond to them as soon as possible. Doing this could prevent bad feedback from blowing up online. It also shows responsible brand management and customer service.


Handle the problem privately

Your discussion with the customer could get complicated or take a wrong turn. To prevent both sides from looking bad in front of everyone, discuss the nitty-gritty in a private conversation.


Learn from them

Take note of negative customer feedback and use them to improve your product or service. Share the reviews with the rest of the company for them to understand how consumers think.

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Let the experts take care of it

Have an experienced agency manage bad reviews to assure that they are addressed properly and immediately. They have the resources and manpower to handle these issues effectively—leave it to them and you won’t have to worry about this time-consuming problem!


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