Fengbook!? Feng Shui on Facebook: Harness Ancient Chinese Wisdom to Create Viral Posts (A Poor Parody)

Kung Hei Fat Choi! In 2017, the Fire Rooster greets the dawn of the Chinese New Year! And with the turning of the year, comes a change in the earth’s chi as the stars are realigned. Millions are utilizing  feng shui to harness the power of the new flow of chi, the energy field that binds all living things in the galaxy.

As social media managers, you too can utilize ancient Chinese wisdom to manipulate chi – on the internet! If you follow these simple tenets, your posts are certain to become viral, you’ll advance your career, and you’ll enjoy a happy marriage.

Fortuitous Directions

Facing the right direction is one of the most crucial aspects of feng shui. For this year, you need to face your laptop or desktop to the fortuitous direction of the southwest to catch the flow of good energy and let it enter into the internet.

Fortunate Hours

The Rooster controls the hour of 5:00PM to 7:00PM, which makes this the best time to post for views. More people will be opening their social media during this time after work and during the commute.

Lucky and Unlucky Colors

The new year’s lucky colors are gold, brown, and yellow. Make sure to include these colors when making social cards, gifs, videos, and 360 visuals. Also be aware of the unlucky colors: green and white. Try to avoid them when possible.

Auspicious Hair

Speaking of visuals, the Rooster loves manbuns, probably because the animal has manbuns of their own. Unfortunately, beards and moustaches attract poverty. Any people in your posts should be clean shaven and sport rockin’ buns or the extra luck might get lost. 

Favored Sign

This year is the best for Dragons. Leverage this connection by adding dragon visuals in your posts. Or at the least make dragon based puns. For example, “Don’t be a drag on others”, “Plant trees to prevent Smaug”, and “Relax, no need to be so fired up”.

Opportune Days

The 4th and 26th of the lunar month will be a lucky time to post. Post promotions or hold contests on your social media accounts during these days to ensure they will go viral as the luck is shared to everybody.

Growing Businesses

This year is great for businesses that are related to water, metal, beauty, and relaxation. You should expand and integrate your PR and social media campaign to attract more customers. Consult an expert on your possible options.

The sign of the rooster is the symbol of the hero, gloriously rising each day to shake their fist and defeat the horrors of the night. This year is the time to utilize its energy to create great social media campaigns.

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