3 Straightforward Reasons to Use GIFs for Social Media Marketing

3 Straightforward Reasons to Use Gifs for Social Media Marketing

3 Straightforward Reasons to Use Gifs for Social Media Marketing

When GIF  was popularized and invaded all social media platforms, it is reminiscent of looking at Sirius Black's furious and fierce mugshot on The Daily Prophet headline in the “Prisoner of Azkaban” Harry Potter series. 
There is everything magical about Graphics Interchange Format or GIF, as we all call it. It stands on the shoulders of giants, leveraging the power of video and pictures. It is simply the perfect middle ground.
In the virtual world where text and visuals connect people, GIFs efficiently do this better. Hilarious GIFs of people, and recently pet animals like cats, dogs and hedgehogs are invading Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. A reason for the emergence of this visual revolution is partly because our mind is capable of processing visual content faster than text.

Here are 3 straightforward reasons why you should use GIFs in your next social media post.


1. GIFs can boost your Brand Personality

GIFs are commonly used to express emotions, as reactions to certain situations, and draw laughter, likes and hearts from the public. Businesses with their professional social media marketers can leverage the capacity of GIFs to touch the emotions of their audiences. Play of colors, moving pictures and text are more than enough to boost the personality that your brand wants to maintain and promote.

2. It's a Quick yet Joyful Way to do Promotions

In our age when attention span continues to dwindle down, a quick yet cheerful presentation that GIFs can do is very useful and important when running promotions. It is a powerful tool for social media marketing to pique the interest and impulse of viewers. As GIFs are quick visuals, it goes beyond what pictures can do, while it is shorter than a promo video. 

With just a drench of creativity and wit, a few seconds long GIF could be enough to catch the attention of people and pin their eyes to its never ending loop--a good tool for brand recall.

3. Many Social Media Marketers have revolutionized the uses of GIFs.

  • You may often see GIFs showing step by step procedures. A demonstration of your product or providing tips and tricks to customers can be efficiently done using GIFs.
  • Trends and data presentation also look good in this format. Many experts started to utilize GIFs to present trends and other graphical data.
  • Other businesses that aim to optimize customer engagement have tried launching a micro game using GIFs where customers can answer a question by stopping a fast pacing GIF loop.
  • Effectively tell a story especially when launching an Ad campaign.
  • Well-wrought GIFs for call-to-action works best in guiding potential customers and enticing them to click. 

Have you used GIFs for your Social Media Marketing? Share your experience with us!