6 Pinoy Fitness Instagrammers You Should Follow

Having a #fitspiration is essential to help keep you motivated to endure your grueling workouts. Aside from heart pumping music and people you see at the gym, there are also fit people on Instagram who inspire through their posts. Should you find yourself lacking motivation, check these six Instagram accounts and get an instant boost for you to sweat out and eat right. 

Nice color! @bernardokath #salamatbok @platinumexecutivefitness

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Bok Santos (@boksantos) 

Aside from being the head trainer at Platinum Fitness Gym in San Juan, Bok Santos is also known as a trainer to the stars. You’ll see posts of his clients like Kathryn Bernardo, David Semerad, DJ Tony-Toni of Boys Night Out, and Diana Meneses as they sweat it out in the gym. It’s a good account to follow if you’re looking for exercise ideas to shake up your routine.

Nadine Tengco (@nadinetengco )

Nadine Tengco is a US-certified nutritionist who helped celebrities like Anne and Jasmine Curtis fix their meals to get in better shape. On her Instagram account, you’ll find nutrition tips which can give you some ideas the next time you go grocery shopping. You can also see her personal fitness journey for added motivation, especially for women who want to shed a few founds. 

Mona Lisa Neuboeck (@monalisaneuboeck )

She’s a surfer, yogini, and a raw food and vegan advocate. Women looking for a bikini body #fitspiration will certainly be inspired by Mona. You’ll also see yoga poses done the right way and get ideas on how to make veggies more flavorful, too. 

Chappy Callanta (@chappycallanta) 

As head coach of the 360 Fitness Club Chain, Chappy Callanta trains both athletes and regular folks. His posts are a mix of exercise and nutrition tips, and a glimpse into his daily life. You’ll even get ideas on how you can work out while taking care of your kids. 

Hello monday!!!! Time to work for your break people!!!! @underarmourph @underarmoursea @underarmourwomen @underarmour

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Kat Geronimo (@mamakatfitness)

Kat Geronimo is a fitness trainer and who documents her daily adventures through her Instagram account. She’s a great example of the new adage “strong is the new sexy.” You’ll see her hardcore workouts and photos of her abs—which will make you think twice before you eat another donut. abs—which will make you think twice before you eat another donut. abs—which will make you think twice before you eat another donut. 

Chris Everingham (@chrisevro )

Chris Everingham is one sporty multi-hyphen. He’s a member of the Philippine Volcanoes Rugby team, a certified nutritionist and fitness trainer, and is a corporate wellness speaker and consultant. His Instagram account is an instant source of inspiration. Whether it’s a quote to motivate you, a nutrition tip to fix your diet, or exercise ideas if you’re just starting out, his IG account has that covered.