Guaranteed Ways To Turn Likers Into Buyers

Through sound marketing strategy, your social media page has earned thousands of engaged fans. However, they’re not buying your products. As a digital marketer in the Philippines, what can you do?


Bring Your Fans Out of the Network
and Into Your Website Page

Attracting likes, inspiring shares, and focusing on retweets are great when you want to expand your base. They’re simple steps that help your brand spread virally. But to encourage sales, you need to convince your fans to take a leap of faith and leave the social media network to go straight to your page, where you can craft a digital experience that increases the likelihood of purchase. This is a strategy used by many digital advertising agencies to increase sales.  

Offer Coupons

One simple way of encouraging them to visit your page is to offer coupons, like what New World Makati Hotel did. Coupons are amazing. They can be used as a soft sell strategy, and you can also add promo codes, which make them easier to track and become a source of useful metrics on potential customers. Lastly, making them fan-only creates an aura of exclusivity, which makes them more likely to purchase your offer.


Build Trust

Another way is to build trust between the customer and the brand. Remember, good relationships encourage sales. Give your customers a sneak-peek into your inner workings. Show them how your products are made or interview key people to inspire confidence. Use videos instead of photos or articles to give them an even closer look at your firm’s behind-the-scenes. Heck, why not try Facebook Live?

Customer Testimonials

If you don’t want to toot your own horn, let others do it for you. Customer testimonials in your social media page can show that your products and services live up to expectations. Friends and peers are incredibly influential in people’s buying decisions, and social networks make looking for purchasing advice easier than ever.

Show What Your Products Can Do

Lastly, you need to drum up enthusiasm using your product alone but that can be challenge with many products. That’s why you have to tell a relevant story to your fans by showing what your product can do. You can display the potential consumer’s desired results with a photo or demonstrate its results in a fun way, like “Will It Blend?”


Got more strategies to turn those page likes into actual buys? Tell us!