The Social Media Bro Code

Let’s take a break from all that digital marketing jazz for a useful PSA on personal social media management. With thousands upon thousands of posts bombarding you every day on Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat and whatever other platforms you’re on, a few common-sense rules will make online life easier for all. This essential bro code breaks it all down. And don’t worry, this applies to our female readers, too. When it comes to social media, we’re all bros, bro.


Game of Thrones


Never, ever post spoilers

We’ve already talked about this, but it bears repeating: There’s nothing worse than a bro who’s too excited after watching the latest must-see flick in the cinemas or the new episode of Game of Thrones that he starts sharing everything on Facebook. Post spoilers,and you’re depriving your bro of the thrill of finding out the exciting scenes you saw for himself. Don’t be a buzz kill.


Kapamilya Loveteams


If you’re dating someone from your bro’s past, be sensitive with your posts

By a weird coincidence (or not), you’re now dating your bro’s ex-flame. You’ve managed to clear it with him and it’s cool. But don’t go overboard posting sweet, cheesy, and almost JaDine-like photos of you and your lady. We’re not saying you shouldn’t, but be a good friend and ease your pal into seeing them. He’s still your bro, right?


George Clooney


Don’t post unflattering photos of your bros

Especially your girl bros. Hangout sessions give you plenty of opportunities to go trigger-happy on your friend’s less-than-curated moments,  like, say, sleeping on the couch with their mouths open. While that’s indeed hilarious when you’ve had a few drinks, it may not be so flattering for your friends the next day. So before you post a photo on Facebook or a video on Snapchat, think about what his bosses will think of him at work.


Bruce V. Rivera


Don’t bombard your feed with incendiary posts

We understand your nationalism and your need to express your thoughts. That’s your right. But when you go political analyst mode and post essay writing contest-worthy pieces, share memes against politicians you never voted for, and attempt to justify every action or reaction of public figures on your social media page every half-hour, you’re just asking to be unfriended by your peers who may not share your same political views.


Funny Selfie


Don’t be a selfie king. Or queen.

People posting selfies is the new normal. But remember: Too much of something is just plain bad. Especially if it’s your face. Unless, you know, you’re Pia Wurtzbach.


Research Before Posting


Do your research before posting anything

Related to #4: When you’re smugly spouting paper-thin opinions or spreading information scraped from dubious websites or poorly-researched memes, you don’t look cutting-edge or educated—you just look bad. Trust us, bros won’t want to associate themselves with someone who’s always misinformed.


Don't Spend Time on Phone


Don’t spend all your time on social media when you’re hanging out IRL.

Spending time with your bros? Don’t stay glued to your phone. Occasional Instagram checks are okay, but you should use this time for real human interaction. Catch up on stories. Laugh t jokes. Make a few of your own. Laugh. Be in the moment. That’s the reason you guys scheduled a hangout in the first place.