Warning, This Post Will Make You Hungry: 5 Instagram-Worthy Dishes In The Philippines

Food photos has transformed social networking platform, Instagram, into a veritable Eat-stagram. Just take a look at the #food hashtag: the photo-sharing service boasts more than 200 million #food posts and counting.  

The best photos combine excellently-plated dishes and skilled photography to create high quality foodporn. If you’re an aspiring food photographer that wants to do the same, pick these 5 mouthwatering dishes to nail that perfect shot.



The Kapampangan dish goes well with beer and cameras. The pork, the calamansi, the peppers, the garlic, the onions, and the egg yolk all combine to create a splash of color that makes a very enticing dish. It pays to get close to bring out all those details.

Kare kare bagnet, crispy kangkong and fried chicken @kuyajresto ❤️😍😋

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Whether you believe it’s the favorite food of the Moro elite or imported by British Indian slaves, kare-kare is an awesome dish that offers incredible visual texture with its thick soup and numerous ingredients. Remember to use a high angle to highlight its sumptiousness.

Kuya J's #halohalo so delish ❤️😍😋

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The dessert is a soothing dessert for thirsty throats, and a veritable feast for hungry eyes. Show off its numerous layers by going for a profile shot.


In some fancy restaurants, siomai and its variants are served in bamboo containers that serve as a great natural background for their photos.


Philippine spring rolls come with various ingredients including meat and vegetables. Remember to show the colorful filling and the luscious sauce to make mouths water just by looking at your pic.


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