10 Hilarious Parenting Memes

Social networks are wonderful at helping us keep in touch with our friends…and laughing at ourselves now that we’re all older and dealing with “adulting” problems. Thankfully, the meme magicians of the internet don’t disappoint, indulging this good-natured joking with tons of image macros that poke fun at our newfound status as dads, moms, and kids.

Here are 10 of our favorites:

1. Because some parents dote on their kids too much.

Holiday Card Meme

2. Is it really that high?

Father and Child Meme

3. How many times has this happened in your house?

Lasagna Meme

4. How accurate is this image macro, mothers?

Mother Meme

5. In fairness to the Star Wars universe, blowing up the Death Star probably better than your son growing into a rebellious long-haired emo villain who doesn’t want to be with their dad.

Darth Vader Meme

6. We might be digital professionals, but maybe you should school your kids about real-life first? 

iPad Meme

7. Oh, the sacrifices we parents have to make.

Husky Dog Meme

8. Maybe try an airplane next time?

Baby Eating Meme

9. Sad Fact of Life #3,971: Babies don’t stay cute for long.

Baby Labor Meme


Rest Day Meme


Picture Meme

Hey, single, childless social media users aren’t the only ones with the right to complain about repetitive pictures.

Parenting memes strike at the heart of a unique relationship between fathers, mothers, and children. To connect with this important demographic through social media, brands need to capture their experiences in a fun way.