5 Awesome Qualities That All Digital Marketers Have

Despite all the misconceptions about the work we do, people who work in digital marketing enjoy a challenging career. Every day, new opportunities pop up that test our skills in new and different ways. Fortunately, we are blessed with certain qualities that not only help us get through the day, but also help us to get to the top. 


We Are Endlessly Curious

In digital marketing, today’s unchallenged axioms quickly become yesterday’s foolish superstition. Algorithm changes from Google, Facebook, and other editors, combined with the shifting trends that tickle our target buyers, create an environment where only the most curious can flourish. As marketers, we are always ready to learn new things, keep up-to-date on upcoming changes, and discover new ways to engage our buyer personas.


We Are Flexible

Learning isn’t everything. It takes a flexible person to act upon the new facts, formulate appropriate strategies and tactics, and kickstart effective implementation. Routinely unlearning ways of doing things is just another day in the life of a digital marketer.


We Are Analytical

Information doesn’t come from thin air. The right data underpins every marketing strategy, and a digital marketer needs a sharp eye that can easily absorb endless reams of charts and stats. A keen logical mind is also required to coax actionable intelligence out of the data.


We Are Creative

Content is the lifeblood of digital marketing: The more creative the content, the more consumers visit, like, and share our products and services. Digital marketers use both sides of their brain to understand consumers and their behavior, and craft the best content for them. Humor and out-of-the-box thinking are essential go-tos in every digital marketer’s toolbox.


We Are Team Players

Digital marketing encompasses many fields: SEO, web design, graphic arts, marketing, editorial, and more. And while we may pride ourselves at being digital marketing jacks-of-all-trades, we can’t do every job. Teams need constant, frictionless communication, and thanks to different apps like Basecamp or Skype, it’s easy enough to get everybody on board and working in unison. The best thing about this digital give-and-take? The opportunity to work from home…while still being an effective contributor to that team effort.

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