5 Witty Replies from Brands Who Were Asked Crazy #Hugot Questions

#Hugot may have come from the expression of deep and painful feelings, but in the witty hands of Pinoys, there’s always time for a rueful chuckle or two. And when those memes really get going, those sawi lines can be a source of raucous laughs.

With these memes circulating over the Internet, some clever netizens hit upon the brilliant idea of begging for some love advice from the Facebook pages of brands.  While most social media managers in the Philippines would merely seenzone these messages, a few equally-clever brands came up with some awesome replies that have since gone viral. Props to those who work in digital advertising agencies who've made an effort to be witty!

Now, we’re not sure if these are a 100% legit, but if you work in social media in the Philippines, these witty replies can be emulated to further engage people who flock to your pages. Here are 5 we found that were smartly done.

The Brand: J.Co Donuts

J.CO Donuts & Coffee, Philippines

The advice on moving on was rather sound, especially the part where they mention friends and donuts. Hey, who doesn’t like donuts, right?

The Brand: Motolite


Their social media manager is obviously no love doctor. But the polite reply was apt.

The Brand: Zark’s Burger

Zark's Burger

Very encouraging words…but what makes us curious is how good their burgers really are.

The Brand: Unilab 

Unilab Reply
Unilab Replies

When you’re a pharmaceutical company, you have the advantage of helping people with the physical manifestations of heartbreak—with a disclaimer, of course.

The Brand: GMA News

GMA News

Sometimes, the brain has to win over your heart.

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