4 Helpful Metrics to Determine If Your SEO Strategy Works

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become a sought-after website improvement. Many Filipino sites have taken the plunge and implemented their own SEO strategies to improve their online visibility. But how effective are they? Here are the metrics to analyze them:

Page Rank

SEO is supposed to get your website to rank higher in search engine results. The first test is to find out how high your page actually is on the results page. Run a search using the keyword(s) your website is optimized with, and then check the results. Also, ask help from others. Search engines filter results based on individual search behavior and preferences, so your results might come out different from someone else’s.


Higher website traffic naturally results from getting a high rank in search engines. To verify if the numbers are due to your SEO efforts, be sure the data comes from search engines instead of other links, such as e-mail or blogs. Google Analytics can help you with this. The service also provides a benchmark for website traffic and the other metrics in this list to help you determine your site’s standing alongside its competitors.


People are more encouraged to spend when brands engage with them. While likes and shares indicate healthy fan engagement on social media, websites consider a different set of indicators. One is the length of time visitors spend on the site. The longer they stay, the more chances you get of drawing them to something on your site. Another indicator is the number of pages visited on the website, which shows how effective your content and calls to action are in capturing their attention.


Conversion is the ultimate test because it validates your investment in SEO. Pick an action that indicates conversion and compare it to the number of search engine referrals you get. For ecommerce sites, purchases are the main conversion factor. At M2Social, it’s inquiries.

How does your website fare? Write a comment below. And remember, even if it’s doing well, there’s always a better strategy, if you delve deeper into your data.

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