Four Effective Ways That Social Media Help SMEs

For Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), social media offers a level playing field where those without large marketing budgets can overtake a larger competitor when their campaign goes viral.

This opportunity goes double in the Philippines, which is home to 42 million active social media users—one of the highest in the ASEAN region. Makati City has even been proclaimed the Selfie Capital of the World with 258 selfie-takers per 100,000 people. Additionally, what happens online may spill out of the digital screen when traditional media reports on viral social media topics.

Unfortunately, companies often just set up an account on Facebook or Twitter and hope for the best, not knowing what do with it. If SMEs want success in the digital realm, they must actively use their chosen social network or channel so it becomes an effective tool in achieving the following:

Stronger Relationships

In a recent global study, 39 percent of SMEs consider strong customer relationships among the most important drivers of business growth. Strong relationships foster brand loyalty, which is crucial in sales conversions. To establish connections, SMEs must convey a distinct, approachable, and humanized brand personality that people can relate to. This is why it’s important to listen to what customers are saying. Thankfully, social media provides tools that make it easier to gather data about buyers and determine the kind of messages that resonate with them.

Narrower Distances

Social media is not bound by nations or localities. Unlike ads on print media, a post can potentially reach anyone who’s connected to the worldwide network. With ASEAN integration becoming a reality, local SMEs can utilize social media to easily spread their message outside the Philippines.

Website Traffic

Social signals from Facebook, Twitter, and the like are included in Google’s list of ranking factors. Thus, linking the website to the company’s social media accounts and posting fresh content regularly can help generate more web traffic. The benefits, however, go beyond mere traffic. If the website offers a digital experience that’s conducive for conversion, SMEs can potentially enjoy increased sales at the same time.

Positive Brand Perception

Brand definition is no longer in the hands of the company alone. Consumers today are empowered by social media to define brand perception. By taking the initiative to converse with consumers on social networks, SMEs can influence how people perceive their brand while differentiating their identity and improving their reputation in the process.

SMEs can leverage the strong culture of social media in the Philippines to promote their products worldwide. By partnering with a good digital advertising agency, they can achieve incredible gains well within budget. Another upside: increased brand awareness! 

Effective use of social media requires deep knowledge of your market. Here’s a glimpse into the Philippine’s consumer online behavior.